6 Tips to Simplify Your Living Space

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Wondering if you’re suffering from an over-cluttered home? If your closets and cupboards are full of things you don’t regularly use and you’re always searching for space in your home, you might need to simplify your living space.

The beauty of less stuff is you’ll need to clean less. Not to mention, you’ll regain mental clarity along with all the socks you swore the dryer ate. The new decade is as good of a time as any to tackle your cluttered corners and start fresh.

Be careful not to use your newfound space and the clutter-free environment as an excuse to get more stuff. Make this a lasting change where you only keep things that are necessary for your life.

Six Quick Ways to Simply Your Living Space

1. Don’t ignore walls as usable space.

Your priority should be to evaluate your walls and consider where you can place shelves. Open shelves are an easy way to ensure clutter is cleared from the floor, and your space remains organized.

2. Make odd spaces your friend by utilizing them as storage.

Get quality boxes that fit under the bed and place your seasonal clothes there. Things will remain within reach but will leave your closets clutter-free when you need to find the perfect seasonal outfit.

3. Make decluttering a priority in your life.

Less clutter means more time to focus on things important to you. If you don’t need various decor items and tchotchkes, get rid of them. Create a list of areas you need to go through and dedicate 10-15 minutes a day to decluttering and clearing those areas. Use a wardrobe method for everything in the house and establish a keep, donate, and throw away pile.

4. Upcycle furniture.

Remake something that is out of place by sanding it down and painting it a color to match your living space. There are many YouTube videos out there to teach you how to reupholster and upcycle. You can even make a new headboard for your bed!

5. Stop buying.

Mark off a period, like a month, to stop purchasing anything but food. This puts an end to needless purchases overcomplicating your lifestyle. Unless something is necessary, you shouldn’t buy it.

6. A clean home is a happy home.

Make your life easier and cleaner by always leaving shoes at the door and asking guests to remove shoes before venturing into the house. This creates a more hygienic space and allows you to relax on the weekends instead of mopping the floors, or worse yet, simply living in grime.

When you simplify your living space, you also free up the mental space to think about priorities in your life. Try these tips to make life more manageable. #minimalism #simplify #mentalhealth

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