On My Radar: I’m Getting Ready for NYFW SS17

I’m holding off on my goals analysis for August as I focus intensely on fashion week prep (especially NYFW street style due diligence). Besides, my August goals didn’t go very well, once again. I did, however, have an extremely busy month. One of the main events I’m looking forward to is the NYFW #hot2adopt event where I’ll get to play with plenty of adoptable kitties while recognizing feline influence on fashion.

Not sure if you’ve met my kitty Shango yet, but here she is, appropriately posed next to the Stella McCartney bag that prominently features other beautiful kitties in its campaign. 🙂

Kitty with Stella McCartney bag

If you’re in NYC for fashion week, or just an NYC fashion blogger, stop by the event and say hello. 🙂

NYFW events RSVP

The Days Ahead

That aside, my schedule is filled to the brim, despite me saying that I’ll slow down this season and take a breather. I’m looking forward to doing NYFW street style shots. It’s supposed to be beautiful and warm next week, without getting too hot, which means that it’s going to be much easier to deal outside. Doing street style photos in the dead of winter SUCKS, but so does standing outside in extreme heat. Last September we had a few days that were unbearable. Feeling for all the ladies who wore tons of leather in 90+ degree weather!

It’s such a weird game seeing fall looks in heat and light spring outfits in the dead of winter. Screws with your perception of normal.

Anyway, I have a few shows that I’ll be attending, starting with the trusty NYFW kickoff show, Nicholas K. I’m also really looking forward to seeing Chromat. Their shows are always so fun, and it’ll be my first time going to see it in action.

The Prepwork

My fashion week planning starts in July. I start out by brainstorming the outfits I want to wear. I don’t necessarily plan every single outfit out, but I’ll plan 2-3 that I can use as my trusty looks. I start looking more into the trends I’d like to wear out, especially when it comes to shoes.

I start looking more into the trends I’d like to wear out, especially when it comes to shoes. I LOVE doing street style photography, so comfortable shoes are super important. I’m in a weird zone because I don’t only blog. I’m also super passionate about street style photos. I want to look put together and like a fashion blogger, but I also want to be taken seriously when I take the photos of other prominent people. It’s a tough balance.

I’ll order a few accessories and inexpensive separates online that I know I’d want to wear outside of fashion week.

Next, comes the technical stuff. I look into the lenses I want to rent. In the past, I also rented the camera body, but I’m pretty happy with my current camera. Unfortunately, the lenses I like happen to be very expensive, so renting is a solid option for me. This NYFW I chose the Sony FE 24-70 F/2.8 from Lumoid.

Finally, toward the end of July and in the beginning of August, I send out show requests to various PR agencies for the shows I definitely want to see. I used to send requests out for practically the entire schedule. Now, I select 10-15 shows that are a “must” on my list and see what happens. 🙂

This season, I also scheduled a few primping appointments like hair extensions and lash extensions before NYFW, because, why not? I wanted to get them for a while, so I might as well have them for a photo heavy week.

The Outfit Preview

My primary focus is going to be NYFW street style, so stay tuned for plenty of photos from that. I’ll also obviously be snapping away (and doing instastories for those who don’t want to open yet another app) whenever I do any backstage or show coverage.

In the meantime, here’s the preview of one of the outfits I have lined up. 🙂 I shot it with Andrea same time as Liu Wen was shooting with Milk Studios in front of the NY Public Library on 5th Ave, so it’s almost as if the shoot is part of a bigger production. ;p


What I’m Wearing:


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