How to Plan The Perfect Galentine’s Day Party

Plan the perfect Galentine's Day Party courtesy of Basic Invite

It’s that time of the year, ladies! On February 13th, we ditch the dudes, break out the waffle makers, and celebrate love, happiness, and uteruses with the BFFs. If you haven’t observed a Galentine’s Day in your life yet, you’re missing out on some major women’s empowerment. It’s akin to burning those bras in the ‘60s and sticking it to society. This year, you can make a splash by hosting your own Galentine’s Day party. And yes, your mom’s invited. Also, send an invitation over to Leslie Knope. Who knows, she might just come, or at least respond!

Step 1: The Theme

You don’t have to fall down the cliche rabbit hole and make it all millennial pink and rose gold. Although, if you love that, you do you, girl! Pick something that resonates with you and your group. Love movies? Gal it up with plenty of Gosling a-la-The Notebook. Tired of wearing those pantsuits all week? Jam it up with a PJs party.

Step 2: Food Around the Theme

You don’t have to go nuts with this one, but it’s so much more fun if you do. If you’re hosting a movie theme, go for concession stand inspired foods and drinks. Maybe four different popcorn flavors and a cotton candy signature cocktail. If you’re all bonding over your love of brunch, have fun with bellinis and a waffle bar.

Step 3: Invites with Flair

A Galentine’s Day card is a must! Make everyone feel special with a custom invite! Basic Invite offers affordable and fabulous Galentine’s Day invites reminiscent of the lovely cards you anticipated as a kid. They also have some great baby shower invitation ideas and wedding invites if the gals have some future events coming up in their life! Use the coupon 15FF51 for an extra 15% off. Step up the game by going beyond the group text and make the day special by giving your friends a BFF Galentine memento.

Step 4: Pick the Party Games

Gossip and catch-up is all good, but a party game will spice things up and kick the party up a notch. If you have people in the group who are meeting for the first time, it’s an excellent opportunity to break the ice. Grab a For The Girls Party Game, which contains 100 ‘Truth or Dare’ cards, 100 ‘I Have Never’ cards, 100 ‘Rapid Fire’ cards, 100 ‘Best of the Best’ cards, and 100 ‘Most Likely To’ cards. Pad those doors and windows because you will howl with laughter.

Step 5: Enlist Help Decorating

Grab one girlfriend early on the day of the party and have her help with decorating the place for the rest of the group. She can prep the snacks table, blow up the balloons, and help you get your bar looking pretty. This isn’t a regular party. You know all the girls will notice the effort!

Plan the perfect Galantine's Day Party to keep your friends talking all year long!

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