HOW TO GIVE YOURSELF a Confidence Boost

how to give yourself a confidence boost

Are you looking for a confidence boost? We compiled a list of little acts you can do every day to build the confidence muscle.

They are all practical and easy to do every day. Just keep in mind that confidence is something that you learn to build-up, so keep putting effort into it and remind yourself you’re doing great!


Practicing self-care is popular for a reason. The missing link to feeling good about ourselves is taking of ourselves inside and out. This means building some ‘me’ time into your busy schedule.

As far as confidence goes, it’s hard to be confident if we don’t feel good about ourselves. Your self-care routine can sometimes be as simple as skin-care, taking a bath, meditating, or practicing a hobby that you love.

Include positive words

A confident woman uses positive words in her conversations to build herself and others up. She doesn’t need to put people down to feel good about herself. A simple conversation with a confident woman can leave you inspired.

Words are significant, and most importantly, it matters how we use them to create positive conversations. Rather than saying ‘do not forget’ say things like ‘please remember’ instead. Our brain is far more likely to respond to positive words than negative ones.

Challenge yourself

Tackle a challenge! Whether or not you succeed is less important than challenging yourself and trying something new, all while learning more about who you are in the process. If you find yourself spiraling in negative thoughts, try CBT to ensure you don’t lose your sense of purpose.

If you succeed on your first try, you’ll know you can do it! But if you don’t achieve what you set out to do the first time, you can assess what you learned and try again. Succeeding after a failure is a more significant confidence booster than succeeding on your first try.

Don’t compare yourself

We are all unique and different. Do you see why it doesn’t make sense ever to compare yourself to other people? It’s unrealistic and unhealthy because each person lives a different experience and has different expectations and needs. Instead, take pride in what sets you apart!

Exercise regularly

Besides all the obvious health benefits, exercising can boost your confidence in a few different ways. One: it releases endorphins, which help you feel better and more energized. Two: it helps you look better and feel better about yourself. Three: the energy it gives you makes you more productive. That way you can get more done and feel accomplished.

Are you looking for a confidence boost? We compiled a list of little acts you can do every day to build the confidence muscle. #selfcare #confidenceboost

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