Energy-Saving Habits To Save Both Money & The Planet

Energy saving tips to reduce bills and help the planet

Depending on who you are, you might consider your backyard extending to your property line or you might consider the Earth itself as your backyard. Despite boundaries and fences, the world belongs to all, meaning you have the right and the responsibility to maintain it with your fellow neighbor gardeners. One way to take care of this vast resource and green space is to ensure you use habits that not only save your wallet from flimsiness but also safeguard the trees around the world to continue thriving.

Whether you rent or own your residence, you can take simple steps to save precious resources and reduce wasteful consumption. You can use many of the tips even if you’re living in an apartment in the middle of New York City. A draft stopper at your apartment door is your version of caulking a homeowner might do seasonally on their house. Staying aware of small practices that will drastically reduce your bills comes with the added benefit that you’re helping the planet, and that’s more than enough reason to become conscientious.

  1. Ensure your home is draft-free and well-insulated first and foremost. Invest in an energy gun to see where bigger temperature dips happen so you can patch up any holes or drafty spots.
  2. Turn off heating in any room you’re not using. Only heat rooms you’re in.
  3. Add thick drapes, rugs, and blinds to “clothe” your house and retain heat as much as possible. These little things help insulate the heat and prevent warm air from escaping quickly.
  4. Don’t let the doors stay open when you’re heating a home and it’s cold out! Ensure the front door is immediately shut between people, and if someone comes by, invite them in or step out into the cold. There’s no reason to let cold air in and waste energy.
  5. Change your bulbs to LED from incandescent to use up to 80% less energy! Plus, it’ll last you much longer.
  6. Unplug small appliances and electronics you don’t use! They still suck up energy even if you don’t use them.
  7. Skip the dryer and opt for a clothing line if you have the space for it or dry your clothes on a drying rack. Clothes will last longer as a result and it will help save on energy costs!
  8. Maximize your washing cycles by ensuring the washing machine or dishwasher is full before starting!
One way to take care of the vast Earth is to ensure you use habits that not only save your wallet from flimsiness but also assure the trees around the world continue thriving. These simple tips save not only money but keep the planet green.

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