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After a long week, some R&R in a bath is necessary. But if you’re stuck with a small tub and way-too-bright lighting, there are ways to make the experience a lot more relaxing and luxurious. All it takes are a few details that will elevate the experience.

Making bathtime more luxurious takes a bit of clever mixing. Part of the atmosphere has to do with smaller decor items like candles and caddies, while the other is all about body products like yummy bath oils. The picks below class up your environment with little design details, making the space more inviting as you relax in some bubbles. Instead of a glass of wine, opt for some tea to detox while you mask.

Remember to make it into a ritual and into a special moment you can enjoy one a weekly basis. Brew some tea for yourself while you draw a bath. Light candles around and put on some relaxing music while you wait for the bath to fill. Add any salts and oils.

Pre-pick a book or some magazines if you like to read while you soak. Make it all about you! This should be a moment that you anticipate all week. Lower the lights and light some incense for extra fragrance. Imagine you’re in a spa. How would you behave and how would you relax? This is the same experience except at home!

Don’t forget to treat your face as you’re treating your body. This may be the time to put on a great face and hair mask. You can opt for DIY treatments if you want to save some money.

Pro tip: If you’re not the biggest fan of slathering on moisturizer after a hot bath, grab some almond oil and apply before getting out of the bathtub. Then simply pat yourself dry and you’re good to go!

Part of making bathtime more luxurious is clever mixing. It has to do with smaller decor items like candles and great body products like yummy oils. #beautypicks #selfcare

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