DIY Table Setting: Rope Coasters & Placemats

I love rustic table settings, so this rope place-mat, with potential to have matching coasters, is a perfect incarnation of a craft project. I’ve seen these sold in plenty of higher-end stores before, but I could never justify a higher price tag for something that’s so simple to make!

These are perfect for holiday tables, especially Thanksgiving! You can use any rope thickness that you’d like, although I stuck to a 1.4″ thickness. Next time I’ll try a thicker rope.


  • Rope (I used one 7 feet long and 1.4 inches thick)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Smooth work surface


Start at the end of a rope and place some glue at the tip. Coil the rope inwards. Start dabbing on glue on the outside of the rope and coiling the rope around, making a circle. Continue until the circle is complete.

Glue the end of the rope and press it into outside of coil. Shape the rope for a gentle slope (if your rope is thicker).