CONSIDER THIS Before Moving for Love

In the past 100 years, we went from riding buggies to flying jet-planes and even making trips to space. People used to spend months crossing the Atlantic to reach the land of opportunity. Now we can board a plane while it’s snowing and wake up in a tropical vacation destination. Traveling and moving became easier than cooking a holiday feast. So, it’s no surprise that more people are moving for love.

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The reasoning’s all there if you think about it. Strongly believing you found your soulmate would motivate you to haul your belongings across the country for them. If you’re in a committed relationship, you might be taking a chance with whether that move from New York to California will net you that ring on your finger.

Moving for your soulmate doesn’t always mean happily ever after, and you should ask yourself the following questions before taking the plunge and moving for love.

How are we getting along?

If you’re frequently facing tension as a couple and feel like your relationship is in constant turmoil, you should take time to consider the bond overall. While you might feel the person is your soulmate, it’s essential to work out the problems before moving. They will only magnify with the stress of the move.

Are dealbreakers off the table?

Moving for someone long-distance means your dealbreakers should be worked out at this point. You shouldn’t face the possibility of leaving him/her for the socks in the middle of the living room floor. Both of you should be at the stage of the relationship where you’re living comfortably with each other and know everything about one another.

What does the future hold?

You should have a clear future outline for your relationship with your significant other, and they should be on the same page. Making a big move and leaving your old life behind means you’re both relying on each other for support and growth together. The move will undoubtedly make your bond stronger, but only if you both share values and common goals.

What’s your career plan?

The place you’re moving to should offer you as much opportunity as your partner. While things may seem rosy for now, you should always prepare for yourself and have a backup plan. That means keeping job possibilities open and saving up for a rainy day, whether you’re together or not.

Do you like the place you’re moving to?

If you’re moving for your partner but hate the place they’re moving to, you better be sure that this relationship is THE ONE. Your partner needs to know the city you’re moving to cannot be a long term home for you. If they’re moving for a job and see a different path in the future, you can work through the change temporarily before you find the forever home for yourselves. In the meantime, your partner should be understanding of your sacrifices. If they’re not, it’s time to have a heart to heart about long distance.

Traveling and moving became easier than cooking a holiday feast. Before moving for love, consider these essential questions. #moving #relationshiptips #traveltips

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