Why Your Perception of Your Own Health Might Not Be So Accurate

A recent study published in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that, on average, men and women self-reported more activity than they were actually getting.

A study consisting of 1751 adults ages 19-84 wore a device that measured their daily activity level for seven consecutive days. At the end of the seven days, these men and women were asked to complete the most widely used questionnaire for physical activity assessment, International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ).

On average, the study participants reported 131 minutes less sedentary time than actually measured.

So, thinking of skipping the exercise session you had planned because of a longer shopping trip? That activity that you’re counting might not be as much as you think it is. The best way to keep track is with an accurate log. This doesn’t have to focus on calories. Just make a commitment to stick to a minimum activity goal per week and record it!