12 Home Fitness Hacks To Sneak in Exercise

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As much as I love a good gym sesh, sometimes there’s not enough time in the day for it. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to sneak exercise as you’re going about your regular day at home. Whether you’re catching up on the latest Carnival Row episode or cooking dinner, there’s always an opportunity for an extra squeeze for your muscles.

Balancing life is all about finding the right opportunities to multitask in between more relaxing moments. Since exercise itself is meant to relieve stress, it’s a bit counterintuitive to stress about skipping the gym due to time constraints. Get the fitness kick you need while giving yourself a mental break with the following moves. The smallest efforts add up to a big difference. Stay consistent, and you’ll find yourself getting stronger even if you’re not in the latest spin class.

1. Do lunges as you walk around the house doing chores like laundry.

Tired of lunges? Try skipping around the house from place to place.

2. Laundry squats

Put your laundry in a bin on the floor and do a squat while picking up items one by one to fold them on a table.

3. Crunches and leg lifts while watching TV!

See if you can squeeze in an entire rotation of toning moves into a 30-minute episode.

4. Dance while cooking your favorite meal.

Put on a playlist and turn your cooking session into a dance party.

5. Bathroom triceps

Do as many tricep dips as you can on the edge of your bathtub before getting into the shower.

6. Walk around the house as you answer emails.

Whether answering emails or talking on the phone, make it a habit to pace around while on the phone.

7. Get a fitness ball to sit on when working at home.

Not only will it help stabilize your core muscles, but it’s also more fun to sit on a giant exercise ball!

8. Make your bed.

It’s your early morning chance to get some movement into your day immediately.

9. Walk or bike to do errands.

Got a quick errand to run, like buying some milk or a few snacks? Walk or bike to the store instead of getting in the car.

10. Keep things tidy.

Do errands around the house like picking up toys, dusting, and vacuuming on a daily basis to keep things clean and your body active.

11. Play with the kids and pets.

They’re constantly looking for attention and playtime, so take the opportunity to connect and burn some calories in the process.

12. Hand wash dishes

Not only is hand-washing dishes more effective, it saves water in the long run. So, use some elbow grease to keep the dishes sparkling clean at home.

Got a tip? Include it below, and it’ll get added to the list with credit!

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