These 5 Fitness Trends are Going to be HOT!

1. Telemetry + Team Based Workouts

Image: Bryan Smith

Competition fueled workouts are making their way into more independent studios. Group classes split into teams determine the winners by averaging individual team members’ scores. These workouts go hand-in-hand with the huge trend of fitness tracking, a market that is expected to grow significantly over the next few years.
Examples: Throwback Fitness & Swerve in NYC

2. Short, intense workouts such as HIIT

Complete body exercises with small chance of getting bored. Results come fast for most people from this easily adaptable form of exercise.
Examples: P90X, Intensity, Tabata

3. Playtime is the new fitness time

Photo via Crunch Gym

Workouts like Animal Flow, Pounds, Groove and Ropes Gone Wild encourage playing with the environment and movement instead of questioning whether you’re doing things ‘right’. A light-hearted approach makes it easier to continue the workouts and stay motivated as a result.

– Pounds: Pilates, isometric movements, and plyometrics with simulated drumming.
-Animal Flow: Gymnastics, acrobatics, Parkour, capoeira, and breakdancing while staying low to ground.
– Groove: Dance inspired without any choreography. Encourages free movement to the beat.
-Ropes Gone Wild: A weighted rope engages entire body for low-impact workout.
-Bokwa: Dance-based class where movements are based on drawing letters and numbers with your feet.

 4. Hybrid fitness classes

Photo via Exhale

A combination of two distinct workouts get fused in one class for a complete body workout.

-Barre+ Core Fusion: Barre shares space with cardio infused high-intensity moves.
-Rowing: Rowing sessions rotate with strength training exercises for cardio and strength training.

5. Online classes

Image: WaveShape

More people are taking to Youtube and other video streaming sites for a workout right in their living room.

WaveShape: 45-minute equipment free workout drawing on movement patterns of surfing and board sports for strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.
FitnessBlender: An exemplary arrangement of free workout videos to customize your fitness routine based on length, difficulty and type of workout.

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