Why You Shouldn’t Fib: Jimmy Kimmel Takes on Fashion Week, Hilarity Ensues

Aw shucks, didn’t make it on the Kimmel sketch (for all good reasons) but I did wander through the ‘headless dress’ demonstration with my camera and black Saint Laurent tote. I was trying to avoid whatever was going on there while snooping around for street style that day. The video, just like last year’s, is hilarious on all accounts! Leave it to Kimmel to expose the fibbing in a way that feels almost innocent.

Guys, I know fashion week is all about trends and what’s hot, but you have to stay true to your personality and call out how you see it. If a headless dress seems like a bad idea (for very obvious reasons), just say so! Don’t shy away in fear of looking stupid or behind on the latest fashion scoop. People appreciate someone who can display “weakness”; although, technically I don’t believe that being honest is a weakness. After admitting to a lapse in knowledge, stay curious! Ask them to teach you and to help you absorb new information.

Obviously, in this case the interviewer would have folded up the questions and called it a day. In other cases, people are happy help and to share their knowledge. It makes them feel accomplished, establishes a closer connection, and helps you file away another bit of information in your repertoire. A good rule to follow is WWAD: What Would Anna Do?

You’ve got to hand it to these guys though; they know how to think quickly on their feet!

Nataliya Ogle


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