#OOTD: Styling Fishnets with Jeans and Sandals

So maybe styling fishnets with sandals isn’t exactly a novel concept, neither is styling them with jeans, but we’ve seen a steady uptick of fishnet and distressed denim combo. Naturally, that means I have to try it out at least once in order to “get it out of my system.”

Styling fishnets with jeans OOTD blogger style

I recently read an article on how to buy the next “It” item before it becomes basic, and as I was reading, I realized that I’m one of those people that get bored of something if I see it more than a handful of times.

Remember that GG Gucci belt? I mean, I know you do because it’s still a prominent thing. I really wanted one for about a month, and then I got over it after it kept popping up on my feed over and over. Same goes for the Dionysus bag. Though the article argues that it’s now a classic because it lasted a few seasons, I wouldn’t want to rock it out for about 7 seasons from now because of the intense over-exposure. (Though, to be fair, there are so many amazing designs, like this one, that you’d probably be able to get away with looking unique just by investing in the right design.)

We know at this point that the retail industry is in trouble, and it’s not the first time influencers and Instagram fashionistas have gotten the flack for inciting public boredom over brand new items that just hit the shelves. I truly believe that in the “mass-market” obtainable goods model, influencers can be pretty effective (hey, Adidas is still hot among teens right now). But in the luxury market, the consumer tends to want the latest and greatest, so they might not want to shell out 2k for something that everyone else seems to be wearing. I know I don’t.

So why this rant, Nataliya? This is basically my long way of saying you probably won’t see me in fishnets and jeans again. It’s been done. I wore it out once or twice, and now I crave something new and exciting again. I’ve totally got my eye on intense statement belts (the non-logo variety) and slinky, metallic dresses. Things move fast in this fast fashion world.

(Photos by Mila of mila-such.com)



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