What SS17 New York Fashion Week Trends Should You Be Getting? Plus, 160+ Top Looks from NYFW!

I finally got a chance to sit down and go through all the Spring 2017 NYFW shows this past weekend! New York has a VERY extensive roster, and I almost look forward to finishing the task considering the number of show pictures there are to browse. Now that I’m done, I’m finally able to compile the list of SS17 New York Fashion Week trends!

I’m still in the process of writing up my experiences from NYFW (I had a packed week), despite it seeming like it was so long ago at this point! Since starting this blog, my pride and joy have been the careful review of shows.

When I first started, I would do reviews of nearly every show that walked the runway. I know, it was nuts. It taught me how to pay attention to detail and write about fashion, though, so it was great practice!

That kind of writing was possible because I spent every single day glued to the computer waiting for the live stream or the pictures to go up. I can’t afford that time of time anymore, forcing me to be pickier with what I write. I only review shows I attend now.

SS17 New York Fashion Week Trends

  1. Stripes Galore- multicolor stripes work best
  2. Relaxed robe vibes & easy breezy sleepwear
  3. Spring brings floral prints
  4. Bare it all with nudes and flesh tones. Don’t forget the bra top.
  5. Grungy rock’n’roll is back.
  6. Lace it up.
  7. Ruffles.
  8. Bralettes

A few key items to get you started on the trends:

Personally, I’m looking forward to some grunge and lace up action. I keep telling myself that I’ll wear more colors, and then I buy another all black outfit. I’ll give it another go this season and see what happens. Maybe I can start off slow with one dress in a fun print that I can wear standalone.

What are you excited to wear this upcoming spring??

(Images in top looks gallery via Vogue.com)

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