Learning Your Style: Rihanna’s Street Style Kills It!

I haven’t done a fashion post in a while, so I thought I’d switch things up just a tiny bit for you today. While I love giving you as much savvy marketing advice as I can, I also still love my fashion stuff. My hobbies include obsessing over Rihanna’s street style, browsing sales, and reading poetry while lovingly staring into my dog’s eyes. More on that later.

First, I want to go over what trends we’ve seen lately (and what we’re bound to see more of) and things you should be paying attention to this fall. You know me, I want you to be as on top of trends in business as I want you to be fierce in fashion. I want you to be the complete package. You can be the Rihanna of blogging.

What’s Out

With fashion week approaching, I’m a lot more attuned to the trends that are currently playing out. I’m gonna make some enemies here: I’m over the off the shoulder thing. Like, I can’t. So, I won’t be drilling my OTS looks into you in this post. I’m also over the double belts, slip dresses (though I still like wearing them to channel my ’90s feels) and raw edged denim. I know, that was fast. Also, as much as I love my Alexander Wang, I want to take a break from cutout rhodium heels. And they just hit the stores.

What’s In

What do I want more come this fall? I want more velvet. I have velvet fever, and only more velvet will fix my sickness. I also want more hoodie dresses. Like, just fill my closet with dope hoodie dresses and call it a day. Also, feel free to throw in some sheer dresses and separates. And any dark floral numbers, especially if there’s embroidery involved. I also want more gold. Feeling metallics.

Anyway, why in the world does this all matter and how the hell is this related to Rihanna’s street style?

I’m basically telling you to do your own thing. What’s in and what’s out can’t only be defined by the trends you see out there. If you’re freaking sick of seeing the same thing over and over again, you need to be OK saying no and just wearing what you want. It’s kind of like developing your blogging voice. Copying someone else’s voice won’t feel natural or get you far in your career.

So where do you begin in developing your style? It starts with inspiration. In my case, I’m too scatterbrained and too bored to stick to one look. I gather inspiration from a variety of people, but Rihanna is my go-to since she likes to play chameleon as much as I do. She also drinks wine in a glass while taking casual strolls down NYC streets. Go girl!

The Inspiration

I tuck away all my fashion and fashion photo inspo HERE.

Who’s your style icon?

Nataliya Ogle


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