#OOTD: San Francisco Graffiti Diary

I’m on the west coast as of yesterday! Though I’m not basking in the sunlight on a beach somewhere, San Francisco is certainly providing me with plenty of sunshine and warmth. I find myself here every March due to my husband’s conference (yay for tech start-ups!). He goes off to the conference and all his meetings, and I explore the city and take pictures.

It does get a little bit lonely not having a companion around while I explore for a week. This time around, I also forgot my camera battery. So, I’m waiting for Amazon to ship a new battery to the hotel.

Since we arrived yesterday afternoon, we had a bit of the day left to walk around together. We ended up clocking a solid 8 miles and snapping some cool mural photos with my iPhone, so forgive the quality of the pictures!

I still have a week left here, so if anyone has cool suggestions for San Francisco photography, let me know.


Nataliya Ogle


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