#OOTD: Brown is OK with an all black outfit

It seems like San Francisco was forever ago, though it was just last month! I’ve already told you about my non-stop travel in April. I took my all black outfits on the road with me (legit, my suitcase was just all black clothing items at the start of the trip). My new fave boots are these Prada ankle boots with a block heel that look like they’re straight out of a dusty Western landscape.

San Francisco travel fashion blogger all black outfit

Cue the horrified fashionistas screaming. Black and brown!? Oh noooooes!

Anyway, it worked for me. So, since it worked in San Fran, I took them on the road with me to Portland, Tokyo, Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto. They’re officially my new best friends.

I also took my tripod with me everywhere I went, so I have way too many shots of this place (Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco). I didn’t bust it out as many times in Portland. It’s always raining there! Someone give that place some rays of sunshine. Though, to be fair, Oregon is so lush and lovely!

Since my outfit posts have become my life updates, and my life has been especially hectic lately, I’ll just give a bullet point list of all the things that happened in April and early May that I love/am doing:

  • I started a new live streaming beauty series with my friend Katya on PocketLIVE! Last week we did unicorn makeup. This week (aka, today at 4 PM EST) we’ll be going through my Japanese beauty drugstore haul (I have an enormous box full of stuff)!! You’ve got to do this with me. I’m obsessed!
  • Speaking of the above, I’m in love with Japanese skincare and makeup products. There’s going to be a post coming up on everything I’m using. Since coming back from Japan, I already ordered a bunch more stuff to be delivered. My biggest regret from Japan is not taking a bigger suitcase with me.
  • I’ve been learning Japanese! It had started before I left for Japan, but I found it’s fun to learn. I only know hiranaga symbols/sounds for now, but I’m hoping to learn vocabulary with that first before moving on to kanji.
  • I’m on a roll with Japanese stuff right now in general. I started watching anime (to aid with learning Japanese). I’ve totally become enamored by some of the series. Sword Art Online and Deathnote are now two of my faves. Also, can we all agree that anime can be pretty perverse? LOL
  • I’m currently severely behind on editing my videos and photos. I have a thousand photos to go through and edit. I also have about 50-60 video snippets. This might take a while.
  • Currently also trying to decide whether I want to book any more trips for the near future or not. I’m exhausted from traveling, but I love it too much not to have anything planned.

Photos were taken with my tripod, Metabones adapter, Sony A7rII, Canon 24-105 lens.


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