NYFW Spotlight: Sally LaPointe Spring/Summer 2016 Runway

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Inspiration: Idea of introvert and extrovert. Contrast.

Sally LaPointe’s flirtatious romance with the avant-garde and luxury pinnacled with this season’s exploration of opposites. The inspiration is incredibly fitting considering the clothes historically played on the fringes of both safety and risk. LaPointe is carefully crafting for a woman who’s slightly impetuous but determined, fickle and focused, and a social butterfly with an insatiable need to recharge her batteries in solitude.

I can’t help but feel an immediate connection to the idea and the clothes. There’s approachable ease in the midst of the luxurious speckled sequin and plissé vinyl. The smoky and powdery hues paint a calm sensibility whereas the jolts of red signal the need for stimulation and excitement. It’s the story of my life, and LaPointe admirably fuses the eternal struggle of this paradox.

Vinyl’s role in luxury fashion often is confined to small details and accessories. The vinyl pieces that made it down the runway here looked lithe and supple, glimmering with movement as if the material were a slightly more structured jersey. This foray into fusing high-end silk duster trenches and silver-embroidered languid tees with the edgy material gestures at LaPointe’s desire to design for the trail-blazing, independent woman.

True to her luxe market sensibility, several wool-cashmere blend knits satisfy the desire for a cozy chilly day ensemble. Check out more of Sally LaPointe’s designs at her website below.


Nataliya Ogle


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