NYFW Spotlight: Daniel Silverstain Spring/Summer 2016 Runway

The Inspiration: “The Spring Summer 2016 collection tells the story of the world’s future from the angle of the most successful world’s fair of the 20th century – Expo67. The impressive dimensions of modern decors, and innovative architecture that reshaped the city of Montreal, inspired the collection, which focused on the hub of cultures with futuristic essence.”

A metallic future comes to life in the F/W Daniel Silverstain Spring/Summer 2016 presentation. The NYC-based designer likes to explore textiles that capture an air of high technology and industrialism. One of his primary goals is to design with a little twist to make the Silverstain woman stand out in a crowd. Inspired by retro-futurism, the Israeli former musician turned designer took his fascination with architecture and art of the mid-20th century and simplified the shapes making it wearable, sophisticated and flattering to the female figure.

Using sustainable fabrics, natural dyes, and a unique draping technique, Silverstain captures the quintessential New York fashion-forward woman but redefines her with his retro-futurism. He takes straight lines and turns them sideways, uses classic cuts and gives them a biker edge, and puts a sexy twist on typically traditional items like the pleated eyelet skirt. Primary colors filter thru black leather and radiate in the silk accent scarves and wraps. A white jumpsuit featuring said colors streaming down the front proved to be more a show-stopper. The nude and concrete chiffon blouses were effortlessly chic. The metallic that danced thru the collection, namely a copper leather and lace biker jacket paired with matching leather culottes, stole the show.

Silverstain’s collection features an array of textures and shapes that together combine in clean flattering silhouettes. The entire presentation runs in one unwavering, glistening, line of quality, wearability, and approachable glamour.


-Devin Tuel

All photos by Devin Tuel for Style Tomes.

Nataliya Ogle


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