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NYFW FW16 Spotlight: Nicholas K

Here’s the deal: I love the Nicholas K aesthetic, but I’m not thrilled about this season’s collection. The brother and sister duo behind the brand are painstakingly aware of the importance of versatility in an urban landscape. New York Fashion Week attracts an international crowd, and it’s very easy to differentiate between the New Yorkers and the visitors. New Yorkers tend to veer on the practical side of things- chunky heels or flats, thick fabrics in frigid temps, and plenty of black to disguise the occasional multi-tasking inspired coffee spill. Nicholas and Christopher Kuntz are brilliant at providing urban multi-taskers a functional wardrobe. Normally, I’m ecstatic to see the next look. This season, things fell a bit flat and boring.

It might be because the clothes felt a bit stiffer than usual. Appropriate for the season, but a little jarring considering the brand. The rich aubergine looked fantastic, but the burnt brown tones left a lot to be desired. While I found the use of button up shirts as skirts innovative, I don’t see many people jumping on the look anytime soon. It bulked up the hips more than necessary.

I do appreciate the message behind the collection- consciousness and versatility in a neatly wrapped package, thanks to Paolo Soleri’s visionary city Arcosanti. There’s utility and thought behind each piece, and I love the idea that the duo embraced. I hope the concept is explored further in future collections that flourish with greater practicality.

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