New York Fashion Week 2017: Top 2017 Fall Fashion Trends & Best Runway Looks

Whether you choose to follow trends or not, they’re helpful in gauging how your closet will look for the next 1-2 years. The 2017 fall fashion trends flow smoothly in transition from the spring/summer 2017 trends, giving certain trendy pieces an extended lifespan.

New York is different from London. London is different from Milan. Milan differs from Paris. Each city has a unique aesthetic it brings to the runways. At the end of each city, we can recap individual trends and see what overlaps on a global scale. Those are the pieces that will be key players on Instagram and on blogs over the next two years.

Top 2017 Fall Fashion Trends from NYFW

  1. Button Up: Start incorporating those buttons in your ensembles! Daring slits got an update with pretty, silk covered buttons running up and down the seams.
  2. ’70s vibe: But without all the hippy flower-power nonsense. Think colors and plaids, and Kelso from That ’70s show.
  3. Fishnets: Prepare to see a whole lot more of fishnets in your Instagram feeds.
  4. Velvet: It keeps on going through fall of 2017 as a trend. This time, it gets more elevated and incorporated into high-glam eveningwear ensembles.
  5. Bright red: The bold hue is punching up the usually muted oxblood of the fall season.
  6. Puffer jackets: They’re getting bigger and providing more warmth.
  7. Political messages and words of protest: People care about the state of the world, and the fashion world recognizes that this season. Don’t be surprised if you find more progressive messages emblazoned on the front of your fave designer’s new duds.
  8. Power Suits: Maybe it’s the cousin of trend #7 on this list, if you get my drift..
  9. Denim on denim: It’s getting more creative and now comes as a set.
  10. Dark florals: We see this often in the fall season- it’s a natural transition from its summery counterpart.

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