New York Fashion Week 2017: Day 2 Challenge Accepted!

My first day of New York Fashion Week had a few firsts (Tadashi Shoji runway show instead of just backstage and Noon by Noor). My day two is all firsts. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone this season and letting less mainstream names fill my runway repertoire.

Where’d NYFW go?

Before I get into that, can we all just take a moment to mourn the loss of public transportation in our fashion week travel plans? As you may know, the shows moved venues YET AGAIN this season. It’s the fourth (well, 5th if we count MILK) major venue shift we’ve experienced in the last ten years. Changing it up four times in a decade isn’t too bad I guess, but if you think about the fact that it’s a TON of shows to move, it becomes a little bit more hectic.

So, we’ve moved from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center, on to Skylight at Moynihan Station (34th St.) and now down to Skylight Clarkson Sq on Washington St. or as I like to call it, No Man’s Land. Maybe No Man’s Land is a little bit of a misnomer. People are walking the streets of West Side Highway and stuff, just not during the winter.

The reasoning behind the move is because there are more galleries and artists in the area. That’s cool, but we’re now entirely dependent on only one train- the 1 train. As someone who primarily only does public transportation to get me around town, this was sad news. Also, this area is the home of wind tunnels. 🙁 I’m clearly not into the new location. Then again, I wasn’t into 34th St. either.

Let’s move on from me bitching and moaning about the location move and get back to what happened the second day!

New York Fashion Week 2017: Slushy Snow Won’t Stop Me! Edition

I started the day similarly to yesterday. AKA, wake up at 7:15 AM, walk the dog, put on makeup, put on semi-coherent clothes. This time around, there was no blizzard, so I actually left the house looking semi-OK. I went through 3 wardrobe changes before finally leaving the house. I decided sticking to flat boots was the best idea since the snow is all slushy and there’s ice on the ground. I fell yesterday, so I wasn’t looking forward to falling today.

10:00 AM: Dan Liu

Haven’t seen Dan Liu. Last season, there were some schedule conflicts I ran into, so I ended up passing on the invite to a blogger friend. This season I made sure that I wasn’t going to overload myself. I didn’t send out any invite requests or hellos to remind PR I exist. I kinda decided to let things flow naturally and see where they take me.

I ended up sitting with my friend Mila. The collection was perfect for her because she designs scarves and there were MANY scarves used as accessories. The clothes might be more appealing to a preppier crowd. My style is a little bit dark/flowy/rock’n’roll, so I didn’t quite feel it fit my aesthetic. The designer has a great voice though, and he capped off the show with a song!

11:00 AM: The awkward OCD time between shows where I have no real time to do anything productive and way too long to just sit around with a coffee. I hate awkward pauses. Luckily, I was with Mila, so we headed up to the lounge area at the new NYFW venue. I got some coffee and charged my phone a bit. We saw Lexi from Lexicon of Style so she joined us as we chatted, waiting for the next show.

12:00 PM: Hakkan Akaya

Short of it is: I didn’t go. I actually waited to go in and check it out, but by the time we got down from the lounge, there was an enormous line to get into the show. I didn’t have assigned seating and just didn’t feel like dealing with the crowd. Mila and I both thought it was best for us to just head home and catch up on some work.

1:00 PM: Got home, swiffered the floor (cuz, pets- if you have them you understand), fed the dog and the cat, fed myself with a leftover pizza slice, changed into a new outfit, got my laptop and ran out!

1:50 PM: Wound up at the Rituals store on 5th Ave, with the lovely staff explaining to me what the different products were like. I was blown away by how they present perfume for you to test: you literally open up a cloth fan and fan yourself. The scent is impeccable, strong but not overpowering and smells like the perfume! So, blown, away. Additionally, products not tested on animals and they have eco-friendly refill options for select products!!

2:10 PM: In the office now. I’m transferring all the pictures and writing this thing. I have a call scheduled for 3:30 PM with to go over my live streaming duties on February 13th. I’ll be live streaming from the shows and backstage all day at the link Join meeeee!!! I’ll be lonely!! I want to interact with you guys in real time- I’m serious. It’ll be like our own little convo.

Anyway, here I am. Werk werk werk werk werk. I’m writing, catching up on social media, and editing images.

3:30 PM: On a call with to go over the schedule of the days I’ll be covering. So excited! So nervous too!

4:30 PM: More last minute work as I prep to head out to go to the 6:30 show.

6:30 PM: Milane Noir

I found out about this brand through an Instagram friend. She asked whether I’m free this evening because her friend is putting on the show. It was a great opportunity to see some cool clothes and finally get to meet my IG friend in person!

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