New York Fashion Week 2017: A Journey of a Fashion Blogger Backstage

You guys probably know how much I like backstage coverage. It’s an opportunity to rub elbows with the best of the best. Like, literally. It’s tight up in here!

This season I’m back at it with some good ol’ Public School lovin’. Last season, Public School sat out NYFW and left us feeling a little bit depressed inside. By us, I mean me and my NYFW alter-ego buddy-friend blogger soul who ravages on anything pretty and cool. Pretty cool.

I also covered an entire day of Nolcha shows this season in partnership with PocketLive.TV. Katya from StyleSprinter and I literally spent 12 hours backstage interviewing designers, hairstylists, and makeup artists. In the midst of all that we also streamed all the shows directly from the press pit. We then tried to recreate a look we saw backstage (glitter eyebrows) in our recap over the weekend. It was so fun that we’re actually planning a little live series for you guys!

Unfortunately, not everything always goes according to plan. I had planned on going to Tibi the day before. I tried to squeeze in as much as possible despite saying I’m going to take it easy this season. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather for a while, and it seems like physical ailments had the last laugh that day. I ended up not making it to any shows, backstage or not, but I was still able to get the complete details of the look for you from Aveda.

As you may know, I work with Aveda a lot. I find that the company goals of being ethical, sustainable and all-natural is something I incorporate in my day-to-day life and strive to achieve. Why am I saying this? Because it may seem like I’m advertising Aveda a lot. Honestly though, I really like the brand. I actually requested all Aveda as a holiday gift once (and got a year’s supply of Aveda bath/hair products). That was way before I started reporting on it! Obviously, this could not be a more perfect partnership.

Public School

I was pretty relieved that designers were making political statements this season, cuz I’m practically a political scientist after this election. I wore my jab at alternative facts hoodie, while Public School sent down runway models wearing PP pins and red hats with the words “Make America New York” emblazoned in white.

The makeup and hair remained effortless and balanced out a pretty strong combo of clothes. Big celebs aside, most of us don’t really do our hair to the T and spend hours in front of the mirror before a political rally. The choice to keeps things simple was correct.

Hair by Aveda at Public School

Hair volume was pumped up with Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam (I use this stuff almost daily!) by lead stylist, Allen Ruiz. You can pump the styling foam directly on a paddle brush and brush through your hair to distribute evenly and quickly. The hair stylists then blow dried the top for extra volume and smoothness and twisted the strands into a low bun loosely clipped at the back. After letting the hair out, it should have a soft, natural wave.


Unfortunately, I didn’t make it backstage, but I was happy to receive the report and a few pics of what I missed that day. The looks were still effortless, but brought a harder edge and a stronger statement. The strands are described as “sumptuous and strong” according to the backstage notes.

(Images of Tibi courtesy of Aveda)

Hair by Aveda at Tibi

Frank Rizzieri tackled the hair backstage at Tibi this season, pumping up the volume of the strands as the first step. Use the Aveda Thickening Tonic on your strands and seal off the ends with some Aveda Damage Remedy Split End Repair. Blow dry  flat hair to get the thickening tonic activated.

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