Milan Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Good ol’ Milan. Always delivering a dose of bright color, tailored sophistication, and unrivaled sultriness! The Spring 2017 fashion trends in Milan largely carried through many of the things we saw in New York and London, with a few high-glitz and edgy-glam (I just made that category up) trends added. Hello sequins!!

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends From Milan:

1. Bralettes: Lots of these. Be prepared to bare some skin next season! Or learn how to cleverly layer. 🙂

2. PJs and robes again: Yup, they’re here to stay. Enjoy the cozy vibes.

3. Athletic vibes: It’s all about staying casual without looking like you’re going to a dodgeball game.

4. Sheer and wispy pieces: I’m in love with this! I already started buying sheer everything to layer and wear forever, so I’m happy this trend is coming in strong.

5. Sequins: Yesss! Sparkly things are gonna be around in the spring! Enjoy!

6. Military jackets: I used to be heavily into military jackets when I was younger. I think I grew out of them and I’m just not feeling the look anymore. But military coats are a trend, so there ya have it.

7. Ruching: Not just in standard places like down a tiered dress or around the bodice. It’s everywhere. Halfway up a dress, diagonally, hanging off, done with funky fabrics.

8. Plenty of bright yellow: Along with pink, this might be the biggest color of the season.

9. Wide and sloped shoulders: We see some of that at Paris too. The shoulders are rounded off and exaggerated.

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