Milan Fashion Week: Fall 2017 Fashion Trends & Top Looks

Milan fashion week is the prim and proper sibling in the bunch. Compared to wild London, it’s super tame. But all the looks are so impeccably tailored and well styled that it’s hard to get bored.

The focus is on making use of textures and different silhouettes. Accents are wisely incorporated without overpowering the outfits themselves. I usually overlook Milan for some odd reason, but as I get older, I’m appreciating the subtlety of it a lot more.

I think I just need a steady rotation of all four cities depending on my mood.

Fall 2017 trends from MFW:

  1. The pantsuit alternative: skirt suit. New York was big on the pant, Milan brings us a bit more of a feminine touch.
  2. The ’80s are still here: strong shoulders, super short dresses and a few neon hues to boot.
  3. Sheer dresses: Think super flowy, ethereal layers that you can cocoon in a robe when stepping out.
  4. Y’all, red is here again: Third time’s the charm, red is the color of the fall 2017 season.
  5. Punk vibes: Leathers, all black layers, studded pieces and an attitude paired with the walk. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.
Nataliya Ogle


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