My Love-Hate Relationship with OTK Boots

I like the idea and the look of OTK boots. Do you like how we can just shorten it and you know what we’re talking about? For my non-fashion focused readers: it’s over the knee boots.

There’s one pair of said OTK boots in my closet that I’ve had since I was 18. That’s because they were my mom’s in the ‘80s. Yeah, OTK boots were the hot thing of the ‘80s. And since the ‘80s are back as far as fashion trends go, it’s no surprise that OTK boots are back too.

They’re, for the most part, pretty comfy and look edgy. But despite having two different pairs that I like, I hardly wear them. I think my biggest problem is the fact that I constantly feel like they’re going to fall off me. I know they’re not. One pair has a little lace up area in the back to tighten them up, and the other has an elastic top. But they still naturally slide down a little bit as you walk and that part irritates me a lot.

Also, I think I hate pulling up all that fabric. Pants are hard enough.

Still, nothing beats the edgy look. And just because I’m neurotic, it doesn’t mean the rest of the OTK boot lovers are neurotic too. So with that, I continue wearing my boots, swearing in my head at the little nuisances that come with slippage. But I look rad, so I’m willing to sacrifice my sanity for the look.

To delve into my personal life a bit more, I didn’t make any resolutions for the new year. I decided I want to travel more and be a diva. It’s a “me” year. I devoted a lot of time to paying attention to others last year, and while that was rewarding, it was also exhausting. I want to make sure I get the proper care I need and don’t let life pass me by.

What I’m Wearing:

Faux Shearling jacketBlack JeansTheory Gray Cashmere SweaterASOS OTK BootsCeline Trio CrossbodyAu Revoir Les Filles Celestial RingASOS Western beltChanel charm necklaceMirrored Orange Sunglasses

Nataliya Ogle


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