London Fashion Week: Fall 2017 Fashion Trends & Top Looks

I haven’t been very attentive to my blog lately. I’ve had a lot of stuff going on personally that I’ve been dealing with. A lot of those issues center around things a lot more foundational than the blog. Not that the writing isn’t fulfilling, it’s just not the epicenter of my life.

Nonetheless, I’m still following along with the fashion weeks and reporting on the fall 2017 fashion trends from the different cities. London is my fave, but this season I feel like it lacked the usual oomph. Maybe that has to do more with my mood and less with how the designers presented their wares.

I’ve been especially moody, so New York and London happened in the downturn. Milan is happening in a more calm time in my life, so I’m really feeling Milan and all the looks it brought. I have a feeling Paris is going to be a standout for me too once I start looking through the shows.

Anyway, that’s me rambling and it has nothing to do with he actual shows and the trends. So, on to the actual trends from London Fashion Week Fall 2017!

Fall 2017 Trends from LFW:

1. Dark florals: they can be a little bit grandmotherly, but in the right silhouette they’re super edgy.

2. Youthful tweeds and plaids: While I’m not a big fan of either, they got updated with more avant-garde cuts and silhouettes.

3. Sleeves Power: Volume dominated the sleeve game on the runways. Keep all your spring finds and wear them through next fall!

4. Duvet Coats: Puffy, all-encompassing silhouettes cocoon the body perfectly and help you “stay in bed” all day.

5. Red: See NYFW trends for more of this.

(Pics from each runway show via

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