Leaving Las Vegas: A Journey Through Valley of Fire

I visited Las Vegas for the first time in my life shortly after my 28th birthday. It’s slightly embarrassing that I’ve never been, despite spending so much time traveling elsewhere in the world. Luckily, I found that it’s not really my scene anyway so I wasn’t missing much personally. I’m not a gambler, not a partier (I’ve done all the partying I could handle in NYC already,) and there’s only so much food you can eat before you start waddling and feeling sick. So instead of spending the entire three-day visit glued to Kitty Glitter- only the best slots game ever- I made my way out to Fire Valley.

The beauty of the landscape is astounding. In the true spirit of geeking out on geodes, I adopted several pet rock(s) [formations] and fizzled out into a The Man Who Fell To Earth existence. Novelty factor of red rocks aside, the weather in spring is fantastic and makes the name Fire Valley a bit misleading.

Slip-ons were perfect choice of footwear for scaling rocks, and the breezy Goddess of Babylon dress complimented the scenery wonderfully. I couldn’t find the dress sold anywhere anymore (it’s an ‘old trusty’) but I offered up several alternatives.


Nataliya Ogle


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