Kendall Jenner Plays Photographer, Causes An Existential Crisis

I freaking love “Love”. I think I told you guys before that I really enjoy “Love” magazine. There’s something about me devouring UK fashion publications. I find them so much easier to digest, which includes being inspired by the editorials and by the writing. So, when I found out Kendall Jenner is the photographer behind the latest EIGHT covers and a 72-page editorial (dudes, 72 fucking pages, September Issue eat your heart out, amirite?), I was a little bit…..less excited than I should’ve been?

It’s not that I don’t appreciate Kendall for the beauty that she is in front of the lens. I think she’s brilliant in front of the camera and knows exactly what to do to shine. Undoubtedly, as a result, she knows how to function behind the camera in order to capture a great moment. Experience teaches, y’all, don’t hate. So, OK, why am I not very excited?

Because I want to see the actual photographers and creators work their magic within a scope as great as she was given because of her name. Simple as that. I’m not discounting that she might capture some cool shots. I’m also not sure whether she’s technically inclined behind the lens and whether she does her retouching work (LOLOLOLOLOL)… but I really wish that 72 pages were given to some amazing up-and-coming talent that could bring a different perspective.

Because, at the end of the day, Kendall grew up around a production. From a young age, her entire life has been a production. It’s hard to know a raw shoot without all the glitz around it, you know? So I can’t really get into her editorial behind the surface. I can’t see the story or feel the feeling, and feels is what I come to these mags for, so, if I can’t have feels and inspiration, why am I here? All of a sudden, I’m in an existential crisis over the Kendall Jenner “Love” mag. Fuck.

(Love covers by Kendall Jenner via Love magazine website.)

Also, if you haven’t heard, Gigi Hadid did the Versus Versace Spring/Summer 2017 campaign. Yes, another model turned photographer in the works. The pics turned out cute with all that Lower East Side early 2000s edge, but altogether it looks flat.

(Versus Versace campaign image by Gigi Hadid via

You’ve got the ultimate cool chick- Adwoa Aboah, in front of the lens (next to Zayn Malik, but I don’t really care about him, sorry) and the best we get is her sitting and staring at the cam from the same angle over and over? But whatevs, both Gigi and Kendall are super young so I’m sure they’ll venture into more creative territory as they ripe with age. Like fine wine.

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