All Gray Every Day

I’ve been really, really into gray everything lately, which includes gray clothes. I already went gray with hair (as of yesterday, though, I’m all blonde highlights- welcome back early ’00s)! Typically, I’d purchase new items in black, but I made the plunge to gray. I think I normally stay away from gray because gray + summer = darker sweat stains in balmy, NYC weather. I know, nasty, but it’s reality. Body stuff. Anyway, the gray is perfect for chilly spring!

Other than me being into gray, I’ve been into sewing! I haven’t sewed in a VERY long time, but I mentioned in the past I’m from a family who sustained itself through seamstressing and leatherworking, so sewing garments isn’t that far of a stretch for me. Luckily, I live 2 blocks from Mood and I’m able to pick up my essentials fairly quickly. I’ve been practicing my seams for the past few days and made a small tote for which I’ll be posting a tutorial soon! If you have a sewing machine, it’ll take you 30 minutes to make total.

My Look:

Style-Tomes-San-Francisco-Street-Style-All-Gray-3 Style-Tomes-San-Francisco-Street-Style-All-Gray-4

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