Glitter-Captoe It: Revamp Your Old Shoes DIY Way Into Sparkling Beauties

First it was Saint Laurent, and now it’s Miu Miu that’s getting me excited about glitter. Miu Miu had me excited in the past with their gemstone sparklers that I also drew inspiration from for this tutorial.

You’ve probably seen quite a few sparkling feet on the runways for Fall 2015 season. I plopped down money on a house this season, so I have to DIY my way through the shoe closet a bit while recent homeownership woes overtake my bank account.

Thankfully, my new home comes with an art studio and plenty of glitter. Since it’s fall, I’m happy to apply glittery goodness on a pair of old boots as a trial. The trial was a success, so it’s time to glitterfy some more stylish pumps for the holiday season!

Materials needed:
Large piece of paper to catch glitter
Artist’s tape
Mod Podge (I used Matte finish)
Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer
Your glitter of choice! I used a beautiful navy tone for my trial. Next time will be a brighter shade!
A small, flat artist’s brush to apply the mod podge
Sacrificial lamb, aka pair of shoes

  1. Get all your materials and shoes ready. Make sure you clean your shoes thoroughly before starting!
  2. Tape off all the areas you don’t want covered in glitter. In my case, I carefully measured out and taped off the cap toe of the boot, and the sole. I also ended up doing the heel with bigger glitter pieces.
  3. Apply Mod Podge with the brush on the area you want to sparkle.
  4. Open up your glitter and sprinkle all over the mod podge. Sprinkle on, and tap off on the piece of paper. Do it once more, and then check for bare spots and completely cover with glitter.
  5. Put your glitter away and let dry for a bit. Spray the clear acrylic sealer on the area and let dry overnight.
  6. When you wear the shoes out for the first time, some glitter will fall off. Simply stomp your feet a bit outside to get the excess off, so you don’t track glitter all over your house. You can apply another clear sealer coat and let dry again. Enjoy your new sparklies!
Nataliya Ogle


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