Dress Up Wonderland: When Colors Bleed Outside the Lines


Alright, I have to be honest here, despite being extremely visual and loving colors, my go to outfits always consist of black and shades of gray. Plenty of comments are made about women who are too afraid of their own style playing it safe with dark hues. That might be true… sometimes. After all, it’s much easier to disappear into the background in a gray ensemble than it is in a psychedelic plaid. But I want to also say that if it makes you feel comfortable and you are confident in what you’re wearing, that IS your style. Plus, you can still make a mean statement in darker colors.

I’m currently in love with menswear, and thankfully colder weather is approaching (hopefully?) so I can steal my husbands Theory jacket more often. It’s a bit too big on me, but that’s not a big deal seeing as it can serve as an overcoat flung over my shoulders. 

A lot of the items I’m wearing are either not sold in stores anymore or are one of a kind.
Gloves, Vintage // Hat, Vintage // Coat, Theory // Belt, Strap from Bag // Shoes, Rocco P. // Wool Pants, J.Crew // Linen Top, No Label

Nataliya Ogle


Nataliya Ogle likes making sure others live to their full potential. She publishes articles on her primary website styletomes.com and works as a freelance writer for other women's interest sites. Her physical body is in New York but her presence can almost always be found online. The internet is her first love.


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