Day 4 of Milan Fashion Week AW15: Everything You Need To Know & Own

Bottega Veneta provides some excellent fodder for street style stars this season. All the pieces looked like they had a bang to them- especially those with mixed prints. A speckled and crosshatched pullover, the cape and a leather coat that ended in a see through material all caught my attention.
If you like to play up sex-appeal, Roberto Cavalli is your man. Mixed animal prints met romantic silhouettes this year and had a bit more laid-back reservation, without sacrificing the boldness. The army green parkas were a pleasant surprise and the mixed denim looked spectacular with fringed tops.
The striking prints and embellishments at Antonio Marras immediately stand out as a highlight. While I usually enjoy loose silhouettes, some were a bit too boxy for me and didn’t seem like they would be too flattering on me. The outerwear, however, looked spectacular.
The most exciting pieces at Jil Sander happened to be the ones with prints, namely the outerwear. While I love the line every season, I’m finding that once you have a few pieces you’re for the most part “set” in terms of emulating the classic Jil Sander look. There are a few gems every season though that spice up the entire wardrobe. This year I’m loving the graphic prints on the long trenches.
Gabriele Colangelo rolled out plenty of loose and sleek silhouettes in a toned down color palette. Needless to say, I’m extremely drawn to the designs and the architectural curves created by the seams. The gray sleek dress with light pinstripes, pinched at the waist to form a pleat, is a favorite.
I appreciate Pucci– it might be because Pucci and Donna Karan were the two designers my mom introduced me to when I was still nine years old. Appreciation aside, I rarely wear the colors and designs Pucci continually pushes out each season, and I’m disappointed that I don’t push my own boundaries. I’m finding plenty of options this season, including the amazing zodiac cape paired with the army green dress underneath. I’m still feeling a bit shy about the louder zodiac pieces, but I’m making it my goal to push past the fear.
Angelos Bratis might have only unveiled a few designs, but they’re splendid ones! The elegant draping reminds me of goddess dresses and having straightforward color choices allows for quick pairing with accessories. These dresses make it extremely simple to dress up, and I would readily incorporate more than a few into my closet.
That opening puffer coat and skirt at Ermanno Scervino kill it. Moving on to the houndstooth design is a bit of a disappointment usually since I’m not a huge fan of the pattern, but it’s done so well here that I’m forgiving the head-to-toe clad looks. The entire collection is built on looks that push boundaries without questioning traditional notions of dress, making the pieces very easy to incorporate and experiment with.
Aquilano.Rimondi came out with an extremely wearable and functional collection of subdued silhouettes and stunning colors. A pinstripe suit with a sequin undershirt peeking out had the perfect balance of flair and femininity and masculine inspiration.
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