Tutorial: DIY Fringe Denim for a Raw Hem

DIY-ing It: Broke and Trying to Score Raw-Edge Fringe Denim

DIY Raw Edge Fringe Jeans Style Tomes

Raw edge fringe denim is going to keep popping up a lot in 2016, so you can either invest in some cool denim pieces or haul yourself to the nearest thrift store and DIY it. I chose the DIY route for now. I’m always wary of “investing” in trends, and while I love the look, I don’t want to keep my items hidden for six seasons after, waiting for the trend to re-emerge. I’m a lot more comfortable doing that with a thrifty piece. (Important note: If I were a billionaire I’d buy the stuff. And then I’d make a pair of my own because I secretly role-play Martha Stewart.)

I got these AG jeans at my local Housing Works for $25. Not bad for a perfect fit. I wanted the length to be on the shorter side, so I cut off with a bit of room above the hem.

  1. Run the jeans through a wash and dry cycle after cutting the hem off to fray it a bit more.
  2. Integral piece: Seam Ripper. There’s no way around this. You need a seam ripper. It’s a tiny tool that comes in most sewing kits. You can get it at your local pharmacy.
  3. Get a season of your favorite show ready on Netflix (I keep Netflix in business).
  4. Start hooking horizontal threads and pulling them down one by one. I found it’s easier to cut the bottom fraying hem into one-inch sections at about the length you want the fringe. See picture. Then work on each section one by one while binge-watching an entire season of American Horror Story and drinking wine. I forgot to mention wine earlier. Now you know. I did whiskey.

If You’d Rather Buy It:

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