The Difference Between Blogger Events and Fashion Events

This article will be my last installment on my personal experience with NYFW. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’re probably filled up on plenty of info about what NYFW looks like for a blogger. This time around, I want to address an important distinction that many aspiring and new bloggers need to know: blogger events and fashion events aren’t necessarily the same thing.

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Knowing the distinction and realizing that each offers different things will help you manage not only expectations but also your schedule. You can be a bit more savvy about how you fill up your precious time.

What Fashion Blogger Events & Fashion Industry Events Have in Common

Obviously, both deal with fashion. DUH. The end.

I kid. There are more similarities than there are differences thankfully, but it’s important to know the distinctions, so you don’t wander around in the dark. It gets especially confusing during fashion week.

Ok, so yes, they both deal with fashion, but they also deal with brand awareness. I think we got a little starry eyed for free stuff somewhere along the way, so we started to look for perks in every event. Fashion industry events aren’t necessarily about all free perks.

They might provide a cool environment, food, and drinks, but don’t expect always to walk away with a goodie bag. Designers are taking opportunities to present the influencers and editors with some unique experiences in the form of art installation spaces that display their clothing. That’s pretty rewarding in itself!

What’s expected of us? To report on whether we liked the clothes or not.

What’s Different?

I have a few examples of traditional shows below and the experiences they offer, and we can get to that in a minute, but I’m going to pull in Lulu’s event as an example of a distinct difference. So, the #LulusStyleStudio event took place during fashion week, along with a few other networks/brands who put on blogger-specific events.

The event space and pitch gear toward having fun and taking a break from work at the shows. They typically offer free services like getting hair and makeup done. There’s plenty of sponsor exposure and decor conducive to some pretty photo-ops.

At Lulu’s there were brand stations where the blogger would go around and pick up freebies that they could later share. It’s the ultimate gift bag galore event! The bloggers were also able to pick out a clothing item from Lulu’s clothing rack. Everything is geared toward giving bloggers the ultimate gift bag and hoping they’ll like it enough to share it with their readers.

And honestly? There were several items that I loved enough to spread the news with my friends online (and in real life)!

Shopstyle Social House was yet another event where bloggers could come in, mingle, drink, have a few nibbles and score some free swag. A lot walked out with a monogrammed GiGi New York bag. Results? There were plenty of posts on IG during and after fashion week featuring the GiGi bags!

Caravan Stylist Studio was a bit more subdued, requiring an appointment for bloggers. The personalized experience included getting hair and makeup done before continuing with the day. And of course, free bag of fabulous goodies.

Blogger events provide a ton of photo ops and free stuff. Bare bones industry events provide information for some writing material.

Different Designers, Different Expectations


The Chromat show is always a blast to go to for the energy it provides. There’s a special reward in sticking around for a strong message and performance. You’re always left wondering how the show will play out and the models’ attitude as the strut down the runway.

Here’s the deal, the show will leave you energized and refreshed. There’s a youthful, cool energy and the vibe is unbeatable. This makes for not only a cool show viewing experience but also a cool show going experience.

This season the models, who are always impeccably cast, wore versatile color-blocked and meshed activewear that could easily be taken from a night out or a brunch to the beach. That’s a lot of versatility.

Jenny Packham

This show always has a soft spot in my heart. I did backstage at Jenny Packham last season (on behalf of the Aveda team) and this season I got to see the runway show! Last season the show took place on Valentine’s Day, so I didn’t see the clothes walk down the runway. I had to head to dinner with my husband, whom I got married to wearing a Jenny Packham dress two years earlier!

This season’s show was inspired by 31 distinct women with style. The dresses were meant to celebrate the individuality of people like Frida Kahlo and Elizabeth Taylor. As a result, the collection was a little bit more varied than a usual cohesive fair. I can see people flocking to certain looks once they know who the dress is meant to be worn by and evoke!

And the scene? It’s a traditional straight-up runway show. I didn’t have a seat here, so I took all shots from the standing room (which I mentioned before, if you’re a photographer, this is your best bet for good photo ops). It’s a straight up in and out, with the front row given a physical copy of a sheet showcasing the women the looks were inspired by and look descriptions.

Lu Yang by Yang Lu

I had an introduction to Lu Yang through the Nolcha Shows this season. I got an opportunity to cover backstage (which you can see here) and sit in the front row during the show. I remember when front row seats had a lot more goodie bags. As time went on, we see a lot less swag in the front and a lot more being sent to influencers and editors before the show now.

This show had a small sponsored bag of a makeup kit, which was cute to have and very reminiscent of the “good ole’ days” in a way. Some of the designs were a little bit too straight-cut for me, but I fell in love with the clear coats and the colorful strappy pieces! The high waist skirt in deep primary colors and the split strip jacket with rings all around both stole my heart.

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