What does a blogger at fashion week actually do? These 6 things.

Being a blogger at fashion week is a bit like being the kid in Charlie’s chocolate factory. Most don’t really know WTF is going on half the time, and they’re pretty much there to eat a ton of eye-candy.

That said, all bloggers want to go, because fashun.

I know this sounds like a complete setup, but I think it’s totally cool. Designers need to stay relevant and provide their audience with a glimpse of reality. They can do that by connecting themselves directly to an authentic audience and to consumers.

There’s a reason why Snapchat became so wildly successful (beyond the youthful sexcapades). It gave people a glimpse into behind the scenes reality. (Speaking of Snapchat, Desigual did Snapchat filter makeup with MAC this NYFW!)

Enter the fashion blogger! This sentence is just a party waiting to happen.

Let’s go over what happens by taking my Day 1 NYFW experience and breaking it down. I’m not going to do an hour by hour because that was a 17 hour day for me and I don’t feel like having you read a novel.

The 6 Things A Fashion Blogger at Fashion Week Does

  1. We go to be seen.

    Ok let’s face it, this week (aka, month) is made for fashion to be in the forefront. We poked a bit of fun at peacockers and all that jazz in a previous article, but as fashion bloggers, we ultimately want to be noticed for our style.

    I prepped my fashion week looks way ahead of schedule and made all the necessary arrangements with a showroom I was borrowing from this season (it happened to be the Chelsea & Walker line). I tend to stick to 1-2 showrooms. Otherwise, it gets too hectic with pickups and returns. I already rent camera gear, so I try to make things as streamlined and comfortable as possible.

    My first day, I opted for a FentyxPuma (a show I fell in love with last season) top and some classic 501 Levi’s jeans. My day started bright and early with the Nicholas K show, which opens the NYFW floodgates every season.



    The street photography force is strong after the show.

  2. To see the latest fashion.

    Fashun is our pashun. That’s as simple as it gets for us. We’re here to see the clothes.

    I’m not a high profile blogger, so I don’t get invites for the front row. But, my dear friends, your loyalty in reading this little corner of the webiverse makes my blog high enough of a rank that I can get in and report what I see.

    Sometimes I’ll get a seat in the second or third row, which is great, but I tend to forego it unless it’s on the edge of the bench with the view of the runway. It’s not that I don’t like sitting and watching the show, I just get to see the clothes much better on the edge or in standing room.

    I genuinely go to see the fabrics sway and glimmer in the lights. And to take plenty of photographs. I used to carry a notepad and pen with me to jot down notes for reviews as I watched, but at this point, I just review from the photographs and memory.

    And I know a lot of bloggers are a bit turned off by presentations, but I LOVE them (Andrea from PrettyProperQuaint agreed with me- she and I spend the first day together). You get to see the clothes up close and take plenty of photographs. Plus it’s easier to get the vision from the designers one on one.

    Anyway, the first day we went to Nicholas K, Chocheng, PH5, and Cynthia Rowley. (Pics below.)

  3. To get street style content for our blogs.

    In between the shows, it was all about photographing street style! This is one of my favorite parts of fashion week since it’s fast paced and such a show in itself.

    Related: See the street style snaps I got from NYFW this season.

    It’s typically extremely uncomfortable because of the weather, but you tend to forget the extreme heat or cold as you chase after the perfect shot of Iris Apfel or Christina Hendricks.

  4. To support the labels we work with in the industry.

    Over the seasons, we develop relationships with certain PR agencies and people who work in close collaboration with the design houses. As a result, we show up to show our support and to bring recognition to the designers’ achievements.

    It’s like having a close friend who’s competing in Olympics. You kind of have to go. That said, this type of relationship is confined to a few and special people. Bigger bloggers typically have more of these relationships than us small fries.

    There are also certain brands that we feel strongly about, and we genuinely love. We want to make sure you’re aware of their achievements and what they’re doing!

  5. To give you the latest fashion and beauty scoops.

    While I was running from show to show and taking style snaps, makeup artist Sarah McGonagle was covering the looks backstage for Style Tomes. A few seasons ago I tried to do everything myself. Then I learned that it’s hard, and I need to split the workload.

    Luckily, I’ve met quite a few very talented people in the industry over the years. She was invited by MAC Cosmetics to take a sneak peek at some of the hottest shows backstage, and I served as the publication platform.

    As a result, you guys got a much wider variety of fashion week news! I would’ve never been able to do it alone. You can check out all the makeup tutorials from backstage in the sidebar!

  6. To connect with people in the industry.

    There are parties. Many parties. The entire week feels like an events festival. Typically, I go to these for a very short period of time and take care not to drink more than 1-2 drinks (a day).

    On this particular day, I went to the Nicholas K afterparty for a little since I’ve never been before and had the opportunity to attend. It was a great way to meet new people and unwind a bit. It was also a great way to “celebrate” the completion of day one.

So there ya have it. As a blogger at fashion week, I can attest to the fact that we do really work hard. 🙂

What I Saw That Day

Nicholas K

I’m a huge fan of the line, and I’m lucky enough to attend the show 4th season in a row now. The SS17 collection, true to classic Nicholas K spirit, delivered loose and billowy silhouettes, layered airy fabrics, and beautiful statement accessories.

Dusty desert tones dominated the color palette of luxurious and sustainably sourced fabrics. The show was named Wadi Rum, an amazingly vibrant desert region of southern Jordan. The looks themselves fit into a wardrobe a Bedouin might wear on a journey through the desert- draped and layered for protection.



While I haven’t heard of the line before, I took the plunge in discovering what Chocheng was all about this fashion week. Walking into the pristine presentation room, I hear beautiful classical music and a flood of light coming from the grandiose windows. It was such an incredible change of pace from the hectic schedule! I felt like I had a moment to slow down.

Kind of a nice feeling considering the designer prides himself on a relaxed and meticulous approach to making clothes. Nearly everything was handmade in the collection, down to the hand embroidered buttons!

The clothing fits a proper upper east side lady concerning its aesthetic (not that I don’t like to play one sometimes). She appreciates a little bit of creative flair and a whole lot of attention to detail.

Chocheng SS17 NYFW presentation details


This is yet another label that I went into knowing almost nothing about. Luckily, I was educated quickly just by doing a scan around the room and checking out the looks! Knitwear at its finest!! I mean, these are some high tech, awesome knits in a range of fantastic colors and patterns.

I did some quick research, and many celebs, including Taylor Swift, are already spotting the young label’s awesome frocks. The SS17 line brought us many looks in a stylish color palette of dusty rose, baby blues and muted orange hues. The lovely, lightweight layering and geometric prints made this collection casual and modern.

Cynthia Rowley

This was an absolute blast of a show! The Cynthia Rowley HQ was PACKED with people looking to flow to the front of the room, where a stage was set up with frolicking models. Huge curtains shielded the crowd (somewhat) from feathers blowing everywhere and models playing with the feathers as if it were snow in the middle of a winter wonderland. The whole scene was very magical.

While the clothes were hard to see, there were glimpses of beautiful metallics, long billowy dresses, and pieces that looked carefree and exuberant. Cynthia Rowley was made for the carefree, fun girl at heart, and she totally delivered this season!



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