The End of Jovani Catalogs on The Runways? 2017 Haute Couture Gowns Are Next-Gen!

We’re so used to the idea of an Elie Saab couture gown, that a princess dress is the only thing that seems to pop up in my mind when I speak of couture. I think we all love feeling like a princess, but I’m SO craving something different and innovative in the couture world. After all, Couture made me love fashion in the first place. It pushes boundaries, so it stands to reason that we should get fresh whiffs of new ideas every season. It’s an opportunity for the dressmakers and designers to flex their outrageous creativity muscles!

I get a little disheartened when the couture gowns walking down the runway look a bit out of the Jovani catalog. You know what I’m talking about. Yes, our dear red-carpet walkers get some flack sometimes for wearing things a bit out of the ordinary. But, come the F on, if they don’t do it we’ll forever be stuck in Promland. This is where Jean Paul Gaultier shines. This is why Victor & Rolf decided to devote their life to the couture universe. They can upend fashion’s “safe space.”

I’m not talking about wearing an umbrella hat down the runway (although, the utilitarian fashion lover in me is tingling big time). I want to see a little bit of risk. And I think that’s where we get lost, sometimes, in couture, at least. It’s an incredibly laborious process, so risk-taking comes at great expense. If the risk flops, the fashion house stands to lose a lot in profits.

Hold Up, They’re Still SO Pretty!

This rant brings me to my disclaimer: My endorsement for risk in couture gown-making is in no way meant to diminish the beauty and work put into the classic “princess” gowns meant to captivate everyone on the runways. Those dresses are popular for a reason. They’re pure beauty. But can we have, like, maybe one in five be something that Lady Gaga and all her minions would wear in a heartbeat? Cuz, the little minion inside me is itching for a feast for the eyes.

Which now brings me to my fave part of this post, the pretty recap of Spring 2017 Haute Couture season! These were my favorite offerings the designers sent down the runways.

Nataliya Ogle


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