Your Dream Celebrity Shoe Closet: Get It!

The right choice of a shoe can make or break an outfit, and lucky for us, celebrities have stylists who can teach us a thing or two about the right shoes! While a perfect shoe closet tends to err on the expensive side, investing in even one pair of well-crafted, high-quality shoes will make an immense impact on your choice of wardrobe.

I tend to mix things up with inexpensive fare interspersed with real glam knockouts. Inexpensive doesn’t mean ‘cheap’, it’s simply not in the Louboutin category. Always look for QUALITY. The novelty of a $15 pair of shoes quickly wears off when the bitterness of blisters pops up. Most importantly, choose based on your lifestyle! If you have a more athletic lifestyle, buying 20 pairs of 6-inch heels might not be as useful as several flats or platforms.

The Shoe Guide:

Nataliya Ogle


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