To All The Haters: Nicki Minaj LOVES her Wax Figure

Despite the internet being up in arms over the latest Nicki Minaj wax figure unveiling, the star is adamant she loves it and approved it back in 2015!

Fans aren’t exactly buying that this is an accurate representation of Nicki. The Twitter user @LizOnTheRadio wrote, “It’s like when you buy generic instead of name brand. You know what you have but it’s just not quite as good This is a wax figure of #NickiMinaj.”

According to TMZ, Nicki gave her blessing shortly after “Anaconda” success, which explains the figure’s focus on her hit single. The figure also isn’t new at all! It was originally on display at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas before they let the Berlin location use it for their unveiling recently.

Nicki was all about her Anaconda figure at the time of the video’s release, so it makes sense she wanted her wax statue to resemble the famous curves on the album cover. A source confirmed Nicki and her team worked closely with the museum to ensure that she looked her best for the unveiling.

All that hard work paid off, seeing that fans can’t get enough of it. Whether it’s positive or negative, all we know is that Nicki is rolling with the punches. She’s not afraid to call out her fans when they’re doing something silly, but she’s standing by the wax statue as if it’s her sis.
Nataliya Ogle


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