12 Steamiest Netflix Show Sex Scenes

Steamiest Netflix Show Sex Scenes

You came for the legendary plot lines, but little did you know that you’d get hooked with these steamy show sex scenes. Netflix has some of the hottest movies out, and their original shows are dominating the market. Many of these intersperse love stories that keep E.L. James inspired and us on the edge of our seats.

If you don’t have HBO for the Euphoria fix, we compiled 12 of the hottest Netflix shows with some steamy moments that will fill the void on all fronts.

1. How to Get Away With Murder

Is a murder show a good show if it doesn’t have a copious amount of sex scenes thrown in? Maybe, but the steamy x-rated scenes help. This Shonda Rhimes classic delivers plenty of plot twists, a compelling storyline, and a variety of couples, so no-one feels left out. It gets so hot that Viola Davis threw her back out during the filming of one of them.

2. Shameless

The Gallagher family has plenty of problems to deal with. While her alcoholic father sashays around town looking for his next high, Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) is left fending for her siblings. All that stress needs an outlet, and Fiona finds it with her partners. Like, she’s full-on shattering kitchen items to release tension.

3. Outlander

Not on the Outlander boat yet? The relationship between Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) isn’t just complicated because she’s lost in time and has a husband back home, but because their marriage heats up from a political arrangement to a pinnacle of love. These are some of the most passionate sex scenes on the market, portraying women’s pleasure and desire with extra importance.

4. Jessica Jones

Two superheroes having sex and saving the world from bad guys? The private detective with PTSD deals with her demons with booze and sex, which doesn’t seem very superhero until you realize she’s got a lot on her plate. The extra dose of realism and imperfection is what makes Jessica so damn relatable, and why the steamy hot scenes with Luke Cage are extra special.

5. Scandal

Shonda Rhimes, you sly vixen! If it wasn’t enough with How to Get Away with Murder, she reels out the sexy Kerry Washington in the ultimate Capitol Hill drama. The White House “fixer,” Olivia Pope, plays a crucial role in high-powered people’s PR messes, but she’s never too busy for a little rendezvous.

6. Luke Cage

Marvel keeps it coming- it knows what the audience wants! Although the relationship with Jessica Jones fails, the man finds plenty of action as he keeps fighting to rebuild his life in Harlem. He tries to leave his past behind, but we’re all secretly hoping Jessica pops into the picture as his superhero counterpart and fling.

7. Marvel’s Daredevil

Marvel, what are you doing to us!? This scene between Daredevil and Elektra is straight-up fire! Not to mention the show storyline is captivating enough as is. Matt Murdoch plays an attorney by day and the vigilante, Daredevil, by night.

8. Orange Is The New Black

What would this list be without OITNB? The romance between Poussey and Soso is the ultimate sweet fairytale. If fairytales involved prisons and lesbians.

9. Sex Education

Um, have you seen the title? The show follows Otis, a 16-year-old, whose mother is a sex therapist. Naturally, the dude knows a lot about sex, so he and two friends start a sex therapy biz in school.

10. Ingobernable

Kate del Castillo plays Emilia Urquiza, First Lady of Mexico, fights to bring peace and prosperity to Mexico as she slowly loses faith in her husband. The scenes are so steamy that they get uploaded on Pornhub. So, basically, you can either watch it on Netflix or Pornhub.

11. Elite

What happens when you put a bunch of affluent students in an elite school together? A lot of debaucheries because they’ve got plenty of money to spare. There are a variety of scenes to choose from, no matter the preference.

12. Altered Carbon

Um, have you seen the Kovacs and Ortegai hookup? It’s hailed as possibly the raunchiest sex scene on Netflix, and for the right reasons. You won’t find the scene on Youtube, because it’ll get taken down, so your only option is Netflix.

You came for the legendary plot lines, but you get hooked with these steamy show sex scenes. These keep E.L. James inspired and us on the edge of our seats. #netflix #bestshows #sex

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