From Miley to Beyonce, How Celebs Stay in Shape!

How celebs stay in shape

When it comes down to it, most of the celebrity advice on fitness and diet centers around one thing: body acceptance, not modification! Health is a primary motive, even though these stars have to go the extra mile for specific jobs. We hear the importance of moderation and portion control fairly often, and why is that? Because that’s what works! Nutritious food, balanced exercises, and a diet that focuses on incorporating nutrients rather than eliminating. The only quick fix here is accepting consistency and routine. A healthy dose of self-love allows you to go at your own pace without resorting to crash diets (hint, they never work). That said, this is how celebs stay in shape consistently.


She’s no stranger to veganism, opting to incorporate one vegan meal daily. She’s very realistic about her body and her health. She mentioned to Shape magazine that doing a Master Cleanse in the past was a bad idea: “There are healthier ways to lose weight — I wouldn’t recommend it.” Instead, she focuses on healthy and balanced breakfasts, lunches, and light dinners, keeping Sundays for indulgences.

“I can’t eat what I want, and I can’t not go to the gym. The truth is it’s a lot of sacrifice. It’s more about your mental strength than physical strength. You have to push yourself. It doesn’t matter what trainer you have. And it doesn’t matter what program you’re on. You have to be healthy and make the right choices.”

To save time, she does interval training. Aside from the realistic approach, she’s unwavering in her support of healthy bodies, no matter what size: “Everyone is not supposed to be the same. Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy with the beautiful things that make you, you.”

Miranda Lambert

She made headlines with her weight loss but stood ground on the fact that she didn’t do anything radical to drop a few pounds. Miranda loves a good cocktail, and she refuses to cut out her indulgence. Instead, she lightens it up with her lower-calorie mix.

Ms. Lambert starts with a healthy breakfast, invests in regular sweat sessions with a trainer, and moderates her indulgences. If she has a hefty meal, she merely makes healthier choices next time. Her most significant piece of advice: pay attention to portion sizes!

Jordin Sparks

Jordin asks herself one crucial question before chowing down: Am I really hungry or only tempted by yummy looking stuff?

Kim Kardashian

To shed the baby weight for the first time, Kim focused on a high-protein and low-carb meal structure. Several kids later, Kim has incorporated a low-carb diet as part of her routine along with steady weight-lifting.

Sandra Bullock

Indulges once-a-week with sweet treats but keeps diet choices packed with lean protein.

Jessica Alba

Never skips juice in the morning! A blend of kale, spinach, and apple gives her an energy boost for her daily morning workouts.

Blake Lively

Blake chooses to cook at home with fresh ingredients, allowing her to skip meals out, which often contain too much oil and higher portion sizes. She also finds ways to incorporate exercise into her day without resorting to the gym. Although Blake loves her juices, she never skips out on a treat for a liquid. Instead, she adds juice to whatever treat she has to boost her nutritional intake.

Miley Cyrus

Miley spends a LOT of time rehearsing and dancing to prep for her tours! She also doesn’t limit her exercise to just one activity. She’s a pilates reformer devotee who enjoys biking, hiking with her dog, and yoga.

Lauren Conrad

A healthy dose of body confidence doesn’t hurt either when approaching her health. She wrote in her blog, “I have always used my flaws as motivation to work harder and stay in shape. But as I have grown, I have learned more to love my body for what it is. After all, it’s been good to me.”

Heidi Klum

Heidi likes to snack smart with kale and kohlrabi, a type of German turnip cabbage. To keep up motivation, she pretends it’s bikini season all year round. Although she likes going on early morning runs, with her busy schedule, she fits in fitness wherever she can.

That means hiking with the dogs or playing with the kids on a trampoline. She doesn’t make deprivation a part of her routine. While she maintains an overall healthy diet, she lets herself have a cheeseburger when she craves it.

Cameron Diaz

Want Cameron’s amazing abs? You’ll be surprised to know her go-to move is a regular plank! While there are many variations, focus on perfecting the proper elbow plank before moving on.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer chooses to keep her pantry free of temptations like cookies and banana pudding. Instead, she stocks with healthy treats, keeping temptation at bay and health a top priority.

Jennifer Lawrence

Balance is this superstar’s game! She exercises without falling into any diet trends. Instead, she opts to focus on maintaining fitness and strength rather than a particular dress size. When prepping for her role as Katniss, she focused on “look[ing] fit and strong — not thin and underfed.”

Dr. Joe Horrigan helped Jennifer get in shape for the role, revealing the primary focus was strength training. Her routine didn’t only rely on weights, but also “bodyweight squats, push-ups, and sit-ups all performed in a circuit.”

Maria Menounos

It’s not a surprise that Maria keeps exceptionally active. Everything from circuit training, pilates, yoga, basketball to walking dogs is fair game. The girl simply loves to move!

Kate Hudson

Here’s what she had to say about her ridiculously toned midriff: “Abs are nobody’s favorite. Maybe some people, but not me. I would say the ab workout that I love cause I hate it so much is pilates. It’s the ab [exercise] where you bring in your legs up and your arms back and hold it and bring them back in again.”

Jennifer Aniston

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For a healthy snack, opt for frozen grapes a la Jennifer Aniston. Jen’s yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber, also weighs in on Jennifer’s routine, “Jen’s a very consistent exerciser and eater… But when she has something she needs to focus a little more on, she just tightens it up a little bit. She won’t have the extra chips. It’s kind of like just being disciplined. She’s like anyone else that she goes through those times when she can lose a little, but pretty much, she’s always in great shape.”

When Jennifer is looking to trim up a bit, she ups the cardio a little in addition to the yoga. Mainly, she tried to ensure an overall healthy diet without any deprivation. The key is balance and no guilt around treats.

She also shares the importance of hydration: “Jen is definitely somebody that has encouraged me to hydrate, she is a hydrator from way back in the day… That’s definitely one of the tips I use because I have so much more energy when I drink. When you stay hydrated, you’re not as hungry. Sometimes when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty.”

Megan Fox

Harley Pasternak, Fox’s trainer, explains that Fox didn’t deprive when working off the pounds gained during pregnancy. Instead, she ate healthy carbs and a low-sugar diet. It was about moderation, not elimination.

Her three meals and two snacks a day struck a balance between protein, fiber, and healthy fat. She also focused on resistance training at least three days a week, concentrating on back muscles to correct posture. Lots of “back rows, dumbbell rows, and the lower back with the Superman for the lower back.”

Kelly Ripa

Anna Kaiser of AKT INMOTION reveals that Ripa works out daily with interval training. The combination is circuit training and dance-based routines.

Kate Middleton

The royal turns to raw foods one day a week to keep her skin glowing and her figure trim. Foods aren’t cooked beyond 118 degrees and certainly aren’t processed- think ceviche and gazpacho.

A healthy dose of self-love allows you to go at your own pace without resorting to crash diets (hint, they never work). That said, this is how celebs stay in shape consistently. #celebworkouts #fitnessroutine

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