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Halloween is almost around the corner and many of us still have no idea about what costume to wear this year. The plain old skeleton or sexy fairy probably sounds a little boring to most of you. So if you are looking for new costumes that are unique and also fashionable, we’re here to help. These costumes have already been worn by well-known celebrities so that will just help you dress like a pro and style it the right way.

The Kardashians as VS Angels

Ok, so maybe getting the original Victoria’s Secret wings is out of the question, but you can definitely DIY your way into being a runway model for a night.

Phoni Braxton

Beyonce can totally pass as Toni’s sister in this iconic Halloween costume.

Witchy Emma Roberts

The American Horror Story star dressed up as the cutest witch ever, complete with a matching LV. This witch is loaded!

Zoe Kravitz Fed Up with Mornings

Zoe dressed up as a vamp who absolutely hates mornings. Er, nights. Mornings for vampires. You get it.

Khloe Kardashian as a Unicorn

For everyone residing in cold weather on Halloween, this is the comfiest costume ever!

Kourtney Kardashian as Ariana Grande

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God is a woman

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Itching to wear the Ariana pony? Halloween is your chance to get those extra long extensions!

Jack-O-Lantern Gigi Hadid

Flex your makeup muscles and start training now to perfectly transform yourself into a Jack-O-Lantern like Gigi.

Nina Dobrev as “A Star is Born”

Ultimate play on words is inspo for all of us this Halloween!

Kendall Jenner as Fembot

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should we shag now or shag later baby?

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No lie, the Kardashian-Jenner fam has some of the cutest-sexy Halloween costumes. Not much of a scare but they’re adorable!

Now that you know about all these super cool Halloween costumes that some of the celebrities sported the recent years, don’t forget to try them all or maybe add your touch to make it the perfect outfit for Halloween this year. We hope that these would help you on your way to looking your best on this year’s Halloween. Happy Halloween!

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