The Results of My June Blogging Goals Challenge

Series Alert! At the beginning of a new month, I’m going to go over my blogging goals. I’ll also analyze the goals for the month that passed. I think goal analysis and goal setting are SUPER useful in making progress in your business, and it’s an exercise you should perform if you’d like to grow in your own field. It helps me stay motivated, and hopefully, it motivates you in pursuing your own blogging goals and dreams.

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Last month I shared my June blogging goal with you. Wait, it’s still June..but there’s only one day left, so we might as well go over the goal I set and analyze my attempts at growing my organic search traffic.

I’m clearly very excited, so I’m jumping on this analysis. I saw a 260.3% increase in my traffic coming from social sources (i.e. Pinterest) and a 355.4% increase in organic search traffic (i.e. Google). Whaaaaa! Cray.

Here’s the extra cray: I was on vacation for half the month. So, basically, I worked half the amount I usually work and my social referral and organic traffic increased by 2 and 3 fold, respectively.

I love June. And not only because of the goals, but because it’s my anniversary month with my husband! 3 years together. I can’t wait to share my photos with you from our vacation in Jamaica and Orlando. You can actually check a bunch of them out on my Instagram page. I totally had a James Bond moment!

Anyway, so let’s just briefly go through my goal and actionable sub-goals:

MAIN BLOGGING GOAL: Increase the organic search engine traffic arriving at the site.

Obviously, this worked out pretty well. My traffic increased 355.4% in June, compared to May. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how the numbers would work out considering I haven’t done a report like this before. Pretty pleasantly surprised!

1. Publish at least 2 articles a week with evergreen content. Ensure old evergreen content contains appropriate keywords.

Ok, so I made a huge effort in keeping on schedule despite the hectic June plans. I was able to push out 3 articles a week that address blogger issues. I put in extra effort into making sure the keywords were researched well and everything was SEO optimized. However, I didn’t get a chance to optimize my old evergreen content. ☹️

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2. Research keywords with Google Keyword Tool and tag all sections of the post for optimal search results.

I did my best here. I actually took the time to research long tail keywords and the competition for the keywords. I must say, it was easier than I thought it would be. It is a time-consuming process, though, so I found my day going by much quicker because I was so involved in the research.

Check out my Keyword Research guide in the resource section available to subscribers.

3. Set up a Pinterest schedule to receive more hits from Pinterest searches.

My Pinterest referrals quadrupled this month! Heck yes!! Aside from my regular social calendar schedule within CoSchedule, I also scheduled some pins within Ahalogy. I fell off track with the re-pinning though because I decided I didn’t want to touch anything related to work while I’m traveling. Still, my Pinterest referral traffic grew this month, so I’m not complaining.

July Blogging Goals:

Since I found a system that works for my organic traffic pretty well this past month, I want to focus a bit more on creating some amazing content in July. So, my first thing I want to tackle is an eBook I’ve been working on!

My ultimate July goal is finishing up the book. It’s currently sitting at 60 pages and I haven’t had a chance to work on it due to the hectic travel schedule. But, hopefully, by setting my clear July goals with target dates I’ll finally be able to focus myself and finalize everything. 🙂

Goal: Finalize blogger resource eBook.

Action 1: Finalize outline by July 8th. Include all the rough draft information in the outline.

Action 2: Edit and organize the rough drafts within the outline and finalize the completed chapters of the book by July 15th.

Action 3: Proofread and finalize the book by July 29th.

Professional goals aside, I also want to re-center myself and start doing yoga again. I’ve been so caught up in work that I haven’t really made time for myself. So, I’m going to start small and do 30 minutes of yoga once a week. 

What are your professional and/or personal July goals?

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