15 EASY Blogging Tips That Will Save You Time (+ FREE CHECKLIST!)

Running a blog is tough work. If you’re a blogger, you know how difficult it is to juggle all the tasks you have to do with, er, LIFE, and in many cases another full time job! (I say another because we all know that blogging is your part-time job considering how much effort is requires.)

Things get hectic. You get exhausted. You feel defeated. You throw pasta at walls. Ok, maybe not that last part…maybe sometimes.

I get motivated when I cross something off my list, so having an easy blogging tips list is a lifesaver. It’s especially motivating when that one thing I cross off on the list is super helpful and creates a big impact. I know that these gems don’t come by often, but I happily compiled a few things that you can use when you’re feeling unmotivated to do a 4-hour photo edit sesh.

This past weekend was particularly tough for me to get motivated. I was trying to balance running a household, cleaning said house, tackling several landscaping projects, and staining the deck (can you tell we bought a fixer-upper?). Remember when I told you I break up my workday with mundane tasks? Well, it seemed like I had to break up the mundane tasks with work this time around.

I REALLY needed an easy blogging tips list since I could basically just sit down and focus on something from start to finish in 10 minutes. Then, it’s back to painting my planter boxes and figuring out how many more bottles of pool treatment I need to dump in the water in order to get it clear.

So, that’s how we wound up here. 🙃 These 15 ten minute blogging tips will allow you to make big improvements. Let’s shut me up and get to it.


  • Respond to comments for one blog post.
  • Write down a goal for the week and an action plan for the goal.
  • Create one good e-mail template for common e-mail interactions.
  • Message a blogger you like about a collaboration/guest post.
  • Search for blogs you’d like to guest blog for.
  • Brainstorm topic ideas for your blog.

RelatedGet a jump start on brainstorming your topic ideas.

  • Create a beautiful Pin with a thoughtful quote.
  • Find relevant tweets in your niche and interact with them.
  • Revitalize an old blog post (SEO revamp, add CTA, Update info & promote)
  • Add a Click to Tweet to your posts.
  • Browse Coursera for a course you’d like to take.
  • Optimize two Pinterest boards with keyword board names and descriptions.
  • Start an ideas & inspiration notebook (or add something to it).
  • Answer a niche related question on Quora to establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Take a walk and revitalize. Get yourself out of your routine to keep a fresh perspective.

I’m getting giddy thinking about all the crossing off I’m going to do in the next week. Here’s the deal, print out this blogging tips checklist. Cuz next time you get back from a long day at work and you’re completely beat but you know you have to work on your blog, you can look at the list and be like, “Hey, I’m just gonna do this 10 minute thing, improve my blog, and go watch Orange is The New Black or something similar that I haven’t binge watched in one session yet.”

Click Here to print this baby out. Or click on the image below. It’ll make you a thousand times more motivated knowing this can be done in just ten minutes!


Nataliya Ogle


Nataliya Ogle likes making sure others live to their full potential. She publishes articles on her primary website styletomes.com and works as a freelance writer for other women's interest sites. Her physical body is in New York but her presence can almost always be found online. The internet is her first love.


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