This is What Laser Hair Removal Feels Like

Looking our absolute best is a big deal for us. We love how it makes us feel good about ourselves, and to do that, women are still frightening their biggest beauty enemy to ever exist, hair removal.

For decades we’ve struggled with all kinds of hair removal from shaving to waxing and even bleaching to achieve that flawless hairless and soft skin we always wanted. I am no stranger to the struggles of hair removal. I started shaving and waxing at 16. I grew up around a lot of strong female energy, and I learned lots of beauty tricks and tips over the years. But none of it mattered once I realized that we spend an awful lot of time, money, and effort on shaving and waxing, especially if we do it professionally for better results, all so that it grows back within weeks if not days.

I also know the struggle of having to shave every day or worrying about wearing skirts. And even the anxiety of lifting arms in fear of showing a little too much of my insecurities. Then, I finally decided a little over a year ago to get laser hair removal. This decision took years of thinking and a ton of research.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Before I jumped into anything, I need some insight first. I started asking my colleagues, friends, and even family members who’ve tried the procedure before. Let me attempt to make this clear for you all. Laser hair removal is a simple procedure where concentrated light burns off the hair from the root and tightening your hair follicles, making it harder for the hair follicle to grow back for months and even years in some cases. When it grows back, it becomes thinner and lighter with each session.

The tightening of the hair follicles is also very important because it allows you to have a brighter and smoother skin the more you undergo the treatment, which is a bonus that waxing and shaving were not kind enough to provide.

Another thing I was curious about at the time was the price, and exactly how far I was willing to take it. Was I going to test it on my face first and see? Well, as I was interviewing everyone I knew that had laser hair removal, they somewhat all said the same things. It’s fantastic for your skin. It hurts like hell at first. It’s way cheaper to do all at once. 

In short, the best and most affordable solution was to do a full-body laser treatment.

My Laser Hair Removal Experience

As a woman, I sure have a lot of insecurities about my body, and in some areas more than others, so I was very positive and excited to try this treatment. I picked out the best laser place in town and set up an appointment. The receptionist informed me that I had to shave as close to the skin as possible the night before. Wait, me shaving my ENTIRE body? That sounds intense.

I wasn’t only worried about shaving all those places I’ve never touched before, like my face and arms, but at the time, all I could think of was, “How the hell am I going to reach my back with a razor?”

I eventually managed to do as the receptionist advised and headed to my appointment. The laser practitioner was very lovely and vocal about the procedure. She gave me plenty of tips and advice on how to proceed with this journey and assured me that it would all be worth it after a few sessions. 

You lay there, and the laser practitioner puts a gel over the area, kind of like getting an ultrasound. It was shockingly cold to the point where I was wondering how much worse it can get. Well, it got worse. The first session was extremely painful and uncomfortable! Because I only just started and there was a lot to work with there (I mean with all the hair follicles), some areas were worse than others, especially the sensitive ones, and my skin took a full day to recover each time.

Long Term Laser Effects

Despite all of that, I wasn’t hesitant at all to come back, and after a month, I went back for a second treatment. Then a third and so on. After a year, I can barely feel a thing now pain-wise, except for that awful cold gel at the beginning, which I’m still not used to BTW. I can safely say that my face and skin has never felt or looked better! My skin got softer and brighter, and even my acne cleared out after a while. I no longer have ingrown hairs! No more razor burns of waxing pain! I was happy.

The more I underwent the treatment, the more I learned new things, such as how your cycle can affect your pain tolerance to the laser treatment. Or that the thicker the hair, the easier it is to go away because it has more melanin. Or that they are more uses for laser other than hair removal! It can be used to remove stretch marks, reduce acne scars, and tighten your pores. At this point, it just felt like the solution to all my skin problems that I struggled with for years.

I’m in love with laser treatment. I recommend it for everyone because it works so well for so many things, and if you’re tired of shaving every day or constantly getting waxed at the salon, this is the beauty solution we’ve all been waiting for.

On the quest to find out whether I can have fuss-free, smooth legs, I tried laser hair removal and really didn't anticipate the experience to be like this. #beautytips #beautyreviews

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