Tutorial: Festive Megawatt Crystal Eye Makeup

I went to town at the new Michael’s store in Chelsea, buying up 2 baskets full of crafting supplies! One of the purchases were Crystazzi Professional Pack, Crystal Flat Back Mix, which I thought I would be using for smaller embellishments on accessories. Instead, I chose to try them out on my eyes.

Inspiration: Christian Dior’s makeup from Spring/Summer 2013 runway

Photo: Christian Dior


Euphoria crystal eye runway makeup DIY

1. Prep your face by applying moisturizer and following up with matching foundation. Don’t bother with perfecting your base, you will be doing it last due to the amount of glitter and shadow that will be falling.

2. Use eyeshadow primer or foundation as base on lids.

3. Fill in  and groom your eyebrows and curl your lashes.

4. Completely go over the lid with a nude shadow, I’m using Smashbox Naked in this case. Go over the top of it with a shimmery nuder shade such as Smashbox Flirt.

5. In windshield wiper motion, apply a shimmery smoky shade into the crease of the eyes and blend out toward the end of eyebrow.

6. Tight-line with black eyeliner pencil. Buff the liner into the lashline and draw the smoky line out a bit into a cateye. Curl your lashes.

7. Prep your crystals: place several drops of glue unto a piece of foil, grab a small crystal with tweezers and dip the back into glue. Dab off excess glue on back of your other hand. Place the crystal right above your crease. Follow along the crease in a curved line until the eyelid is framed by crystals.

8. Mark off the spots/pattern where you want to place other crystals on your brow-bone. Using same technique, start placing rest of crystals.

9. Dab on lash glue on your eyelid and dip a brush into the loose glitter (Shiny Mama Pink Champagne). Dab on top of the glue until completely covered. Go over with Urban Decay Space Cowboy, this time buffing the shadow in between crystals on browbone too.

10. If you’d like darker eye, dip a narrow blending brush into a sparkly black shadow, Smashbox Blacktop, and start blending into the crease and smoking up through the crystals. Keep working in layers until the shadow is completely dark and blended into the rest of glitter as well as brow-bone.

11. Dab on white shadow on top of the lid, in middle, to highlight.

12. Draw another line with eyeliner, this time using a brush and some gel liner. Curl lashes, swipe on mascara and if you’d like, attach false lashes.

Specific to this look makeup:

– Smashbox Master Class Palette III – Color & Contour Shades:

Smashbox Naked

Smashbox Flirt

Smashbox Cinder

Smashbox Snow

Smashbox Blacktop

Crystazzi Professional Pack, Crystal Flat Back Mix

MAC 36 Lash

Urban Decay Space Cowboy

– Shiny Mama Glitterall Pink Champagne

Nataliya Ogle


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