Weekly PocketLIVE Series: Testing Unicorn Makeup!

You probably haven’t been able to tell, but I’ve been mostly away for the past month. My blog articles kept rolling out, but I was flying between San Francisco, Portland and various places in Japan. I’m back in NYC as of Monday evening, and I’m here to announce a new video series I’m doing on PocketLIVE!

Katya (stylesprinter.com) and I will be sitting around for an hour every single week and testing out all the latest beauty products and trends! Y’all, this is going to be unscripted fun time as two blogger chicks pull out random makeup and put it on our faces.

Our First PocketLIVE Episode Theme: UNICORN!

Our first week’s episode (AKA, TOMORROW at 4 PM EST at this PocketLIVE link!!) will be all about unicorn makeup! Unicorn makeup has been trending for a while. It had an epic showdown with Starbucks as the coffee-house battled it out for unicorn theme top-spot with its swirly pink and purple frapp. If you tried it, congrats! I didn’t come across it while I was traveling, but I heard it was delicious.

The frappuccino then went on to inspire some crazy swirled pink and purple hairstyles, before it fizzled out into the “it’s over” fad ether. Unicorn themed everything else is still going strong.

So, if you’re like me and wondering what in the world unicorns have to do with shimmery or rainbow beauty products, or if you’ve been living in a cave for the past several months with no access to the internet, here’s the breakdown.

First, unicorn beauty is anything that’s shimmery, glittery, glowy, has a unicorn horn attached to it, and anything that’s rainbowish but on the totally pink and warm toned side, unless the moonlight is hitting it, in which case it’s also kinda, slightly cooler in color tone.

And what do unicorns have to do with all that? Well, obviously, there’s the horn for the horn-based products. As for the rest: Lisa Frank told us unicorns love rainbows, so there you have it.

Lisa Frank Unicorn Makeup Beauty

Image via Lisa Frank

The Giveaway: Tarte Unicorn Palettes and Makeup!

In honor of our kickoff, Katya and I will be giving away some amazing Tarte makeup collection items courtesy of PocketLIVE! The giveaway starts tomorrow and the winner will be announced in next week’s PocketLIVE broadcast!! We’ll be sharing the giveaway link with you in tomorrow’s broadcast, as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

UPDATE: If you weren’t able to join us, here’s my look from the unicorn show!! Glitter lashes!

Weekly PocketLIVE Series: Testing Unicorn Makeup!


Unicorn makeup giveaway tarte unicorn brushes

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