Before You Buy: L.O.V. The Galaxy Eyeshadow & Liner

LOV The Galaxy Eyeshadow and Liner

Product: L.O.V. The Galaxy
Price: $10
Where to Buy: Amazon

Using It:

Use a flat brush or your finger to gather product and smooth it on your lid. Blend out with your finger or a fluffy blending brush. Use multiple layers for a stronger shimmer effect. You can layer this on top of shadows, or use it as a base for other shadows. In my case, I layered more glitter on top of it for extra glow.

L.O.V. The Galaxy Eyeshadow & Liner Review:

While I love shimmery shades, they typically come too glittery or too fine to make a big impact. This pot of creamy, easy to apply eyeshadow is just the perfect combination of glimmer and shiny without looking over the top. While I used the pot with a brush during one application, I find it’s easiest to apply it with a tip of the finger.

This is an excellent shimmery shadow for layering, making any of your typically matte shadows sparkle in the light. Layer a thin coating on your lids, blend with the tip of the finger, and then use a fluffy brush to add a sheer layer of your favorite shadow on top. The LOV eyeshadow acts as a primer for the shadow, making it stick and last for longer.

LOV The Galaxy eyeshadow shimmer pot review

In the picture, I’m wearing the LOV 500 Rosé Exposed, which I then topped with fine loose glitter for extra impact. I opted for a graphic liner to tone down the saccharine sparkle. The glitter stayed put all day, and the base didn’t shift or crease at all. For the $10 price point, this is an amazing, versatile pot of metaphorical gold. The shadow color itself is very sheer, so don’t expect a big pop of color from the eyeshadow itself. You can apply it as a liner for a subtle winged shimmer, but the impact is barely noticeable so I would stick to it as an allover eyelid shadow.

Overall, if you’re looking for one of the most flattering and versatile glimmering washes, this is a top performer. If you want more color and impact, go for a darker shade, like the 540 Dazzling Emerald, since the lower number shades are sheer. The application is very quick and easy, making it an apply-and-go type of product.

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Notable Ingredients

  • L.O.V. does not test on animals.
  • The product is fragrance and alcohol-free, making it safe for sensitive skin.

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L.O.V. The Galaxy Eyeshadow & Liner Review
  • Packaging/Design
  • Ease of Use
  • Affordability
  • Effectiveness
  • Value
The Good

Pretty and versatile sparkle

Not tested on animals

The Bad

Color very sheer

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