Free LISS Workouts You Can Do In Your Living Room

Free LISS workouts at home

After the initial freakout and adjustment period working from home, the next question is how to fit LISS and HIIT workouts in the midst of bodyweight and free-weight workouts. I love my Sweat app PWR at-home sessions, but they still need a supplement with LISS workouts. What’s LISS? Low-Intensity Steady State that keeps your heart rate in the steady cardio zone with consistent movements. Think Jane Fonda aerobics and your fave dance class.

I typically do enough chores around the house to consider it my steady-state, but since I’m sitting at home a lot more often now, I decided I need to step it up a notch. Enter free LISS videos on YouTube that I can do while catching up on the latest episode of Little Fires Everywhere!

Want to get a leg up on the cardio? Full pun intended there. The following tools ensure your heart rate stays up and gets you the cardio you need.

1. Jane Fonda: Walking Cardio Workout : Level 1

You gotta go with the oldies but goodies! Jane Fonda keeps kicking it up a notch every year and the woman looks good! So go back in time a little and follow along for a super low impact workout that will keep your heart rate nice and steady.

2. 30 Minute Full Body Burner with Celebrity Trainer Kit Rich

Step it up a notch with the advanced moves or use the modified versions to keep your heart steady without going overboard. It’s an excellent routine to do twice a week if you need to skip the run!

3. Tuesday | FAST Walking in 30 minutes | Fitness Videos

Want to just keep it simple and walk while you mindlessly watch Netflix? Yup, you can do that in your living room too! Walk along for 30 minutes for a gentle heart rate bump on those days when you need a bit of cardio but you’re SO TIRED!

4. FULL JANE FONDA Step Aerobic and Abdominal Workout

Yeah, we’re back to Fonda. Look, nothing beats the classic queen of at-home aerobic workouts! This is the greatest way to keep the high energy without feeling beat by life. You got enough problems, let Jane help you.

5. Low-Impact Cardio Workout That’s Perfect For Beginners, Too!

Totally into this little gem that’s just a bit tougher than a basic workout and much less intense than a sweat-inducing Zumba session.

Yeah, working out at home is a bit tough if you're looking to amp up cardio, but there are a ton of free LISS videos online you can watch on Youtube. These 5 faves are perfect for anyone who needs to do a cardio routine in their living room. #health #workouts #fitnesstips

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