Nail Trends of 2017: DIY Chrome Nails – A Tutorial to Get The Look at Home

I’m so obsessed with chrome (mirrored) nails lately! I don’t know why it popped into my head as soon as 2017 arrived, but I’ve been obsessively applying DIY chrome nails at home for the past week. Every time anything chips, I’m on it with that chrome powder.

It’s super easy! Plus it’s so satisfying seeing that sparkly powder turn into a mirrored surface. If you’ve been following weather reports (cuz..right?) you know, it’s been exceptionally cold and snowy on the east coast. NYC has been slushy and I’m not a fan of walking in the slush, so I’m avoiding nail salons.

DIY Chrome Nails Tutorial: How to get the look at home

Also, since I recently got teeth straightening trays (similar to Invisalign), my nails have grown out because I don’t bite them anymore. That adds to my obsession of playing with my nail colors at home.

Materials for DIY Chrome Nails

Anyway, you need three things for this at home manicure:

LED Lamp
Chrome Powder
No Wipe Topcoat

If you want just plain, silver mirroring, use a base coat (in this case, a no-wipe top coat) and then apply powder. If you want your mirroring to have a tinge (i.e. rose gold mirror nails), apply the color you want to peek out as your base color. Then, apply one layer of the chrome powder instead of two and rub it off well.

The Process

1. Apply a layer of either clear topcoat, or your favorite gel polish (if you apply a color, the chrome will have a tinge of the color underneath it).
2. Cure the color or base coat.
3. Reapply a second layer and cure under a lamp (30sec-1min, depending on your lamp).
3. With the sponge applicator, apply the powder to the nails. Rub the powder in and rub off the excess.
4. Apply the no-wipe top coat and cure under LED lamp 30seconds-1min.
5. Repeat the chrome powder application and topcoat for denser chrome color.

Ta-da! Done. It’s really that easy.

Here’s the process summed up in video form:

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